What is ServiceNow?

Find out how ServiceNow products can provide a service model that can assist users in identifying the root cause of difficulties they encounter as well as resolving issues via self-service.

What is ServiceNow?

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Your customers deserve an exceptional experience, and more.

Moch.IT makes customer service your competitive advantage. With Moch.IT, it’s easy to deliver upcoming-generation customer service that’s connected to the rest of your business, provides a seamless experience for your customers, and empowers your agents to work smarter, better and faster.



Enabling data-driven decisions

Customer Service teams face challenges every day. It’s a constant struggle to create new service channels, improve digitalization, and reduce case volumes, all while keeping customers happy. Moch.IT makes it faster and easier for your team to tackle the toughest problems around responsiveness, agent efficiency, and satisfaction rates. With years of experience in both business analysis and IT service management, we’ll transform your customer service with ServiceNow’s CSM solution.

Combining operations

It’s critical to have visibility across all departments, teams, and systems.Slash the amount of time it takes to route issues to the right team by automatically surfacing cases to a relevant employee based on your dynamic business rules. Resolve problems once, making everyone happy by identifying and automatically resolving common problems and routing them to the correct path for resolution.

Proactive manage your customer needs

A next-generation system that monitors and alerts you to potential problems with the health of your customers’ products and services. Issues are analyzed using historical data across teams, so you can make more informed decisions in a fraction of the time, benefiting your customers and your business.

Common inquiries are automatically addressed

CSM’s self-service tools, including its virtual agent, knowledge center and self-service catalog, are designed to answer common customer questions without the involvement of an agent. This frees up agents to focus on more complicated issues and lends to happier, more satisfied customers.

Why do Businesses Need CSM?

Operations related to customer services are drastically changing. Therefore, experts say that the only sustainable way for companies to respond to these changes in the industry is by embracing the CSM module. Embracing CSM lures benefits for the company, which typically are:

  • 1. The demand of customers has now transformed to wanting efficient, 24/7 services which work flawlessly across vast channels. However, organizations cannot increase the size of their customer service teams; hence, in that case, they can rely on CSM – Customer Service Management. CSM is a highly scalable and cost-effective solution, taking support from automation and artificial intelligence to make its actions efficient and effective simultaneously. Thus, companies don’t have to worry about having more human capital to meet the prevalent demands of customer services.

  • 2. According to a Harvard Business Review Report in 2017, it was found that four out of five customers try to settle issues by themselves before approaching the right help. Therefore, CSM ensures businesses have tailored frameworks and templates for creating vigorous self-service options. So that when customers are unable to find solutions on their own, CSM can efficiently guide them to a service representative who is optimally resourced to assist customers.

  • 3. It is also true that as customers now have plenty of options to choose from, customers are no longer willing to put up with poor customer service, according to a study by Forrester and New Voice Media.

Why do Businesses Choose ServiceNow for CSM?

ServiceNow CSM is becoming increasingly popular in businesses as they’re starting to invest in cloud-based CSM platforms with the help of consultancies. Moch.IT subsequently makes sure businesses use ServiceNow correctly to strategically differentiate themselves in the market. Additionally, a 2018 report from a consultancy firm, McKinsey, discovered that cloud computing companies with revenues in the top quartile had gained such success by investing in customer success-based initiatives.

Forrester reported that organizations are turning to ServiceNow customer service management for the following reasons:
Costs are driven down
Customer satisfaction goes up
Help as highly scalable solutions
Connects teams of various departments to find and fix solutions fast
Customer calls can be prevented proactively

Gartner’s report of 2018 also listed benefits businesses gain from choosing ServiceNow CSM and implementing them properly with the guidance of consultancies. These benefits also hint at why businesses choose ServiceNow for CSM in the first place.

  • – ServiceNow case management is strong
  • – Incident management is strong
  • – Modification and configuration become easy.
    Gartner also reported customers’ views and what aspects of the application they found to be the most praise-worthy:

  • – User Interface
  • – Business and workflow rule automation
  • – The artistic angle of functionality for customer support

ServiceNow CSM Packages

Moch.IT can help organizations pick the best package according to its uses. The standard package of CSM in ServiceNow comes with 12 items, the professional package comes with 24, and the enterprise comes with 26.
Standard Professional Enterprise
- 25 Custom Tables
- Agent workplace
- Case Management
- Omni-Channel
- Self-Service
- Knowledge Management
- Communities
- Walk-up Experience of Customer Service
- Service Management for Issue Resolution
- Advanced Work Assignment
- Engagement Messenger
- Digital Management Portfolio
- Standard Package +
- Proactive Customer Service Operations
- Predictive Intelligence
- Performance Analytics
- Virtual Agent
- Playbooks for Customer Service
- Guided Decisions
- Industry Data Models
- Outsourced Customer Service
- Customer Project Management
- Vendor Management Workspace
- DevOps Change Velocity
- Professional Package +
- Workforce Optimization
- Process Optimization

ServiceNow CSM Integrations

With the help of ServiceNow, Customer Service Management can easily be integrated with a partner and third-party applications; these may include telephony platforms and CTI software. Some of these are:

Provides essentially valuable services through detailed customer profiles with the integration of ServiceNow and Adobe Experience Platform.

Bucher + Suter AG

With the assistance of Moch.IT, organizations can accomplish the utmost leverage from the two platforms with an impeccable and robust integration of ServiceNow and Cisco Contact Centre.


Allows organizations to safeguard a cloud contact center at the fingertips of their agents and supervisors in ServiceNow, which is driven by intelligence.

Locus DispatchIQ

Ensures that businesses can deliver extraordinary customer service continuously by optimizing field service routes and schedules via integrating ServiceNow and Locus DispatchIQ.

Nice inContact

It enhances the agents' performance and encourages them to make more informed decisions with contact center controls integrated into ServiceNow.


Permits businesses to engage with customers on social and messaging channels in ServiceNow. Additionally, it allows automating case creation from posts and messages.


Omni-channel experience can be created to the fullest by coming to the ServiceNow platform with 3CLogic.

AMC Technology

Boosts the customers’ experience with the Davinci Platform via the enablement of ServiceNow with chat, voice, and text capabilities.


Augmented reality remote services are offered to service management teams to help them heighten the experience of customers, field staff, and employees.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the duration of implementation?

Implementing a complete CSM solution can take several months, but early value can be achieved in as little as a couple of weeks. MochIT will work with your teams to define and measure success criteria throughout the implementation lifecycle to demonstrate increased value at every stage.

Why choose Moch.IT ?

At MochIT, we have a highly experienced team of consultants that have vast experience across the CSM spectrum and working with industry leading tools. Our clients reference us as transformational partners rather than a consultancy because we are defined by the way we impact our clients’ businesses – and they are more than willing to share their experiences.

Do you offer post-implementation services?

Wherever you are on your ServiceNow journey, MochIT has a solution to support your workload and business needs. From CaaS days to managed services, we have teams in place to ensure you stay on track for successful delivery and maximize the return on your investment.

How will the customer be able to contact my company through the CSM?

ServiceNow CSM meets customer expectations where and how they want to interact with your company. Customers can reach out through web, phone, chatbot (Virtual Agent), email, or social media and your agents will have a full history of customer activity at their fingertips.

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