What is ServiceNow?

Find out how ServiceNow products can provide a service model that can assist users in identifying the root cause of difficulties they encounter as well as resolving issues via self-service.

What is ServiceNow?

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HRSD - An employee-centric platform

ServiceNow HR Service Delivery offers a single, consolidated view of employee requests and data across your entire organization. See what employees are asking for, how they rate their experiences, and get a real-time analysis to help continuously improve services.


Why do businesses need HR Service Delivery?

It is calculated that 60% to 70% of HR’s time in a conventional organization is spent on standard transactional tasks, that typically involve making contracts, offboarding, as well as implementing employee releases. Businesses also choose this due to the ServiceNow HR onboarding. Nonetheless, the expectations that firms or people, in general, have from HR have quite evidently evolved. Due to cloud-based technology increasingly advancing, personnel in HR can officially use HRSD approaches to help them streamline repetitive tasks arising in HR. Cloud-based HR solutions tend to assist HR teams in the following ways:

  • 1. Enriches work-life balance
  • 2. Broaden services in health and wellness
  • 3. Development of employee engagement programs
  • 4. Removes biases in workplaces and fosters diversity initiatives


Improve employee experiences

In an increasingly global market, it’s not just what you do – but how you do it. Make sure the experience your employees have with your brand is the experience you want them to have, by using the ServiceNow platform to provide them with a unified view of every aspect of their relationship with your organization. We can help you implement solutions that will enable this.

Consolidate Employee Experience Managemnet

HR Service Delivery is a new way to modernize HR operations by offering holistic case management, speedy self-service and seamless third-party integrations in one place. It’s the best way to put employee service at the center of HR.

Trusted Platform

Bring your HR system of record together on a single, trusted platform to support an experience driven approach to employee engagement.

Device Responsive

ServiceNow is a cloud-based platform of digital workflows that create great experiences and unlock productivity for employees and the enterprise. It simplifies accessing key company resources through web, mobile apps or Virtual Agent conversations.

Remove Manual Processes

Automate your HR processes and give your employees the tools they need to manage their own service requests. Designed specifically for the employee experience, HRSD offers workflows that are easy to configure and use.

Why do businesses choose ServiceNow for HRSD?

Moch.IT aims to professionally consult businesses in implementing ServiceNow to ensure its benefits in its entirety come from HRSD. When ServiceNow is executed properly by businesses with the correct guidance, it offers an HRSD platform that leads industries. Reasons, why businesses choose such a platform, are because:

  • 1. Records of employees can be managed with promising security via their full lifecycle.
  • 2. Manual HR workflows and processes that have proven to be inefficient can be excluded.
  • 3. Prevalent HR systems like payroll, background screening, and talent management can impeccably be integrated with HRSD ServiceNow.
  • 4. Employees can have a single access point to gain access to HR services.
  • 5. ServiceNow employee documentation management – available with HR Service Delivery – helps to control access to sensitive information easily and keeps records up to date. Additionally, it also enhances efficiency and increases self-service.

Who is ServiceNow HRSD for?

HR Service Delivery ServiceNow is utilized by employees and HR professionals throughout the entire organization; ServiceNow consultancies help make such a transition easier. HRSD is used by other departments in a firm that can have HR tasks assigned to them; these departments can include Finance, Security or IT. Regular workers or employees can also use the application for coming up with requests related to HR, finishing tasks, or looking for HR documents through the ServiceNow Employee Service Centre. Leaders also tend to use HRSD ServiceNow to oversee organizational performance, strategize and make decisions. Lastly, HR professionals also utilize the application – as an HR agent, use is made of the HR agent workspace for HR case management. Thus, most of the employees of an organization can make use of this application, to bring greater efficiency and effectiveness to the organizational culture.

With HR service management ServiceNow, the application provides employees by putting forth for them quick, personalized, and constantly developing service labels. Therefore, all this combined leads to employee satisfaction and retention, also giving a rise to HR’s reputation.

Improve accessibility

Improving employee experience has never been this easy

Your employees want their workplace to be as easy and enjoyable as their other experiences. The HRSD solution allows an enterprise to manage the crucial employee lifecycle from hire to retire and everything in between, from a single cloud platform. It provides employees with a simple, engaging experience that evolves with your organisation, across departments such as HR, IT, Legal, Facilities and Finance.

Our platform will enable you to easily interact with your staff, track and resolve employee cases, provide self service for your employees and integrate with any third party applications in a seamless manner. 

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What is ServiceNow HRSD?

What is HRSD in the first place? Human Resources Service Delivery is a term that explains the organization’s human resources department that offers services to and interacts with employees. In addition to that, ServiceNow HRSD helps improve the experiences of employees by automating tasks and providing tools that deliver HR services for professionals in the field. ServiceNow HRSD with consultancies by their sides can also provide timely communication to employees along with its other features.

HRSD includes applications that give HR services a new outlook. Its crucial applications are case and knowledge management, and enterprise onboarding and transitions. Employee centers are also one of the applications that give the privilege of multi-departmental employee portals to stay on top of engagement, and production.
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HR Service Delivery ServiceNow Pricing

There are three levels of products in ServiceNow which are ‘standard, professional, and enterprise.’ The price of ServiceNow HR Service Delivery is dependent on the current relationship ServiceNow has with the volumes of licenses purchased. Thus, there is no basic answer to the pricing due to the diverse customer base. Hence, Moch.IT can help businesses find the right price and share an exceptional ball-mark for the project business case.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is ServiceNow HRSD a separate ServiceNow Module?
Yes. ServiceNow HRSD is indeed a separate HR Module ServiceNow. ServiceNow HRSD is tailored to be completely fit for the provision of HR Service Delivery. It is imperative to understand that the application is not an addition or extension to other modules such as ServiceNow ITSM, rather, it is a unique product on its own with distinctive workflows, functionalities, and operations. In the meantime, Moch.IT ensures that HRSD completely benefits from the capabilities of the ServiceNow platform, and it is capable of combining with other modules of ServiceNow.
Can I use ServiceNow HRSD for other things than HR?
Yes, you can. ServiceNow HRSD’s Employee Centre portal supports finance and legal services, along with workplace and IT. This permits employees to no longer explore and discover back-end systems; however, they can instead go to a single place to access any facility they need.
What is the duration of implementation?

Implementing a complete HRSD solution can take several months, but early value can be achieved in as little as a couple of weeks. MochIT will work with your teams to define and measure success criteria throughout the implementation lifecycle to demonstrate the increased value at every stage.

Why choose Moch.IT?

At MochIT, we have a highly experienced team of consultants that have vast experience across the HRSD spectrum and work with industry-leading tools. Our clients reference us as transformational partners rather than a consultancy because we are defined by the way we impact our clients’ businesses – and they are more than willing to share their experiences

Do you offer post-implementation services?

Wherever you are on your ServiceNow journey, MochIT has a solution to support your workload and business needs. From CaaS days to managed services, we have teams in place to ensure you stay on track for successful delivery and maximize the return on your investment.

One-stop solutions, customized for you

Leading from the front on business transformation, our focus is helping clients align their technology with their business goals, and delivering the tools and processes needed to support your business outcome

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