What is ServiceNow?

Find out how ServiceNow products can provide a service model that can assist users in identifying the root cause of difficulties they encounter as well as resolving issues via self-service.

What is ServiceNow?

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Optimize the performance of your IT systems with ServiceNow ITBM

Our platform helps you to better plan, optimize, and manage the costs of your business. With our powerful solutions, you can keep track of your portfolio throughputs, budgets, and resource utilization without missing a beat.

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Why do Businesses Need ITBM?

When businesses implement ServiceNow ITBM correctly with the help of Moch.IT consultancy, they come to discover its positive impacts. ITBM meets with businesses and IT methodologies to create end-to-end visibility for data-driven decision-making. Along with that, ITBM assists in reducing silos and bolstering relationships between internal business partners. Therefore, ServiceNow ITBM is efficient as it aims on enhancing the alignment of business services, as well as speeding up business delivery, in return, providing businesses with greater value on their initiatives. There are certain capabilities that ServiceNow ITBM provides to businesses which are:

  • 1. Managing resources
  • 2. Managing demands
  • 3. Agile development
  • 4. Managing application portfolio
  • 5. Better and quicker innovation
  • 6. Better value
  • 7. Faster delivery

Furthermore, according to Forrester’s reports – companies that have rightly used ServiceNow ITBM, have seen benefits including 12.6% resource utilization and 23% CAGR product delivery.


Support your business goals

ServiceNow IT Business Management (ITBM) helps you build repeatable, auditable digital processes that align with and support your business goals. ITBM can help you deliver services at the pace of business, gain operational efficiency, and advise the business on how to spend money wisely.

Stop worrying about money

With a focus on spend analysis and expense reporting, Financial Management delivers the tools your organization needs to reduce costs and manage resources effectively.

Optimize Application Control

Improve decision-making about rationalizing applications, managing applications through their lifecycle and making decisions about new applications.

Gain Insights. Improve Efficiency

Bring discrete projects together into programs, enabling greater visibility and control over the activities within a portfolio, as well as providing high-level reporting and the ability to track overall portfolio health 

ServiceNow ITBM Features

Moch.IT consults on ServiceNow IBTM for companies to fully utilize its extraordinary features.

Demand Management

Involves recognizing, authorizing as well as prioritizing IT improvement ideas and called demands.

Scenario Planning

Moch.IT helps promote and compare numerous investment scenarios based on their significance and approximate value via ServiceNow ITBM.

Innovation Management

Involves finding new and innovative ideas in a single place.

Performance Analytics

It is typically utilized in deeply embedded ITBM insights such as opportunities for backlog optimization or cost reduction for the portfolio.

Resource Management

Involves disseminating resources between projects and maintaining their availability.

Project and Portfolio Management

Moch.IT endorses ServiceNow ITBM for initiating, planning, and then even executing projects throughout technology and business portfolios.

Roadmap Planning

This happens to create excellence in top-down planning by focusing on work, visualizing and customizing a company’s roadmap. The process also involves communicating the roadmap with various teams.

Agile Development

Involves executing development tasks that are considered to be a part of product-or-project-based development efforts.

Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe)

Moch.IT’s consultancy ensures the alignment of strategic investments and scale work efficiency to use with SAFe by making maximum use of ServiceNow ITBM.

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ServiceNow ITBM Implementation

ServiceNow comes with IT project budgeting and staffing, along with reduced time to market and a lot more. Moch.IT implements ServiceNow ITBM solutions to provide companies support for launching IT changes to satisfy their business demands. It also helps manage businesses’ development and testing processes. The essentials of ServiceNow ITBM include three implementation strategies that bring innumerable returns to a company. Three strategies can be effectively acted upon with the right ServiceNow consultancy on the side.

Strategy 1

Companies should continue using the same ITBM processes and then gain further assistance from ServiceNow to support their management and sustainability.

Strategy 2

Companies should revamp their ITBM processes based on the most promising practices of ServiceNow; therefore, aiding in the minimization of customization.

Strategy 3

Companies should revise their prevalent ITBM processes to optimize their weak spots, in addition to customizing ServiceNow accordingly.

ServiceNow ITBM Supported Languages

ServiceNow ITBM supports a handful of languages. In addition, it also gives the leverage of having an internationalization plugin to translate languages other than its supported ones. The supported languages are: English, Czech, Dutch, Brazilian, Portuguese, Finnish, Canadian French, French, German, Hebrew, Hungarian, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Norwegian, Polish, Portugues, Russian, Spanish, Swedish, Thai, Turkish, Traditional Chinese, Simplified Chinese.

ServiceNow ITBM Packaging

Companies tend to make sure that their investment in ServiceNow ITBM is worth it by consulting reliable consultancies such as Moch.IT to achieve their aims. Nonetheless, in the end, ServiceNow ITBM is worth the investment as it provides customized and results-driven solutions that require very particular information to assist customers in reaching their full potential. The prices of ServiceNow ITBM come in the following packages with their respective modules and features:
Standard Package Professional Package Application Portfolio Management
- Five Custom Tables
- Demand Management
- Performance Analytics
- Project and Portfolio Management
- Roadmap Planning
- Resource Management
- Scenario Planning
- All modules of the standard packaging + Innovation Management
- Agile Development
- Scaled Agile Framework
- Test Management
Licensed separately from other packaged

Frequently Asked Questions

Who uses ServiceNow ITBM?
ITBM stands for IT Business Management; therefore, ServiceNow ITBM is the perfect solution for large organizations and firms requiring project portfolio management, and hybrid management. It is also ideal for enterprises that want easy and efficient agile management and application management solutions on a single platform. ServiceNow ITBM is appropriate for a wide variety of industries which may be financial services, technology, retail, government, and research. Other industries applicable to such include distribution, marketing, software, and educational institutions.
Why should i opt for ServiceNow ITBM ?

ITBM allows you to optimize cost and improve quality of service, portfolio planning, strategy, value, and alignment with your organization’s business objectives.

Why ServiceNow ?

ServiceNow offers end-to-end visibility into the delivery of services, from strategy to retirement. With its robust workflow capabilities, ITBM will revolutionize the way your organization delivers services.

Do I need to implement all modules of ITBM together?

No. Start by looking at your business processes and data. We recommend starting with Demand and/or Project Management for most businesses.

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