Key Features and Capabilities of ServiceNow Jira Integration

Today’s fast-paced business environment requires organizations to streamline processes and improve team collaboration. A great way to achieve this is by integrating different team tools and applications. ServiceNow and Jira by Atlassian are two popular tools that help organizations achieve their goals. This blog will explain everything about ServiceNow Jira integration, its uses, benefits, and […]

Understanding ServiceNow CMDB: A Comprehensive Guide

The rapid evolution of the business environment has made the management of IT assets more complex. Organizations must keep track of various devices, applications, and services to ensure effective operation, compliance with regulatory requirements, and alignment with business objectives. The ServiceNow Configuration Management Database (CMBD) is a powerful tool that enables companies to manage their […]

Transitioning From BMC Remedy To ServiceNow: When To Migrate and The Benefits

Can you imagine a business migrating from its ITSM tool to another one? Yes! It’s not so surprising especially if the ITSM tool being used is too complex and costly at times – hence a daunting task. BMC Remedy has been a choice for several businesses over the years. However, only recently, ServiceNow is fastly […]

Cybersecurity: ServiceNow Security Operations (SecOps)

Technology is all wonders and magic until a business faces security issues. Staff safety, asset safety, and data protection are just at the top of the list for any business, especially in the finance industry. With security concerns arise the need to use an efficient workplace security system. While physical security is undeniably the most […]

IT Operations Management: What Is It And Why Does Your Business Need It?

The business world has become largely dependent on IT for its operations and management. With the IT landscape growing extensively, it has become crucial for businesses to have a practical Information technology approach. IT Operations Management ensures that the organization’s environment is perfect and stable enough to provide dependable services to its clients. What is […]