IT Asset Management

Real-time, accurate and effortless way to track your software, hardware and cloud licenses

A powerful, yet easy-to-use, IT asset management system that lets you streamline the processes by which you can track and license their software, hardware, and cloud assets.


Gain visibility of your entire IT Portfolio

Our Asset Management helps you save time and money by consolidating data from multiple tools for the following:

Hardware asset management: Discover your physical and virtual hardware assets in your data centers, cloud services and offices. 

Software asset management: Discover, track and manage licenses for all major commercial software vendors. SAM allows IT managers greater visibility into which software is being used, whether a license exists, and if employees might be using a tool they shouldn’t.

Tracking cloud licenses: Manage which cloud services your users are accessing and the associated costs.  Through the software license compliance solution, you can track usage of on-premises software, software as a service (SaaS) licenses, and public cloud resources.


Track, manage and secure your IT assets

Whether you’re tracking the cost and use of IT assets, reducing physical asset costs, or analyzing configuration management database (CMDB) data, you can gain insight and reduce risk with ITAM. Monitoring your physical and digital assets is critical for improving performance and productivity for your business.

IT asset management (ITAM) enables you to understand the hardware and software that are connected to your network. With ITAM, you can identify unused or underused hardware and software, track purchase, usage, spending, and retirement of assets, maintain software license compliance, generate reports on hardware and software inventories by location or department.

ITAM gives you unparalleled insight into the lifecycle of your IT assets and helps you effectively control costs to optimize value.

Streamline your IT asset management with platform's powerful solutions.

With its powerful tools, you can easily track and manage your hardware and software inventory, licenses, contracts, and maintenance schedules, all from a single platform.
Optimize Asset Investments

You can lower costs and increase efficiency by managing IT assets across the enterprise.

Risk Reduction

Discover where all your assets are, what state they are in, and their relationships to each other.

Enhance Visibility

Keeping track of what you own and how it is being used is crucial for lifecycle management.

Manage Spending

Lets you manage procurement, allocation, maintenance, upgrade plans, and retirement processes.

Featured Questions

Frequently Ask Qustions.

Implementing a complete ITAM solution can take several months, but early value can be achieved in as little as a couple of weeks. MochIT will work with your teams to define and measure success criteria throughout the implementation lifecycle to demonstrate increased value at every stage.

At Moch.IT, we have a highly experienced team of consultants that have vast experience across the ITAM spectrum and work with industry-leading tools. Our clients reference us as transformational partners rather than a consultancy because we are defined by the way we impact our clients’ businesses – and they are more than willing to share their experiences.

Wherever you are on your digital transformation journey, MochIT has a solution to support your workload and business needs. From CaaS days to managed services, we have teams in place to ensure you stay on track for successful delivery and maximize the return on your investment.

ITAM (SAM Pro) requires IT Operations Management (ITOM) in place first to perform software discovery – part of CMDB health evaluation.

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