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Key Focus Areas

Focus on the health of your ServiceNow instance!

Ease of Management

The HealthScan checks for configuration and data inconsistencies that may impact your ability to manage your instance effectively.


Security is a top priority for any organization, and the HealthScan helps you identify potential vulnerabilities that may exist within your instance.

User Experience

A positive user experience is crucial to the success of any IT service management system, and the HealthScan checks for issues that may negatively impact the user experience.


The HealthScan checks for issues that may impact performance, such as long load times, database issues, and other performance-related issues.

Ease of Upgrades

The HealthScan checks for potential upgrade issues, such as unsupported customizations and deprecated features.

Enhanced Quality

The HealthScan checks for data inconsistencies, errors, and other issues that may impact the overall quality of your instance.

The end-to-end scan is now available for free for a limited time offer.

The high-level HealthScan Scorecard is available for free on request.

key result areas

With a healthy instance, you can derive maximum value from the platform and the applications you run. HealthScan educates you on recognizing technical debt and provides data-driven insights designed to help you optimize your instance configuration. 

HealthScan Configuration Review helps you identify and eliminate unnecessary customizations & configurations

Through analysis of your instance against best practices, you will become familiarized why your platform may not be performing optimally

Control instance quality and avoid common pitfalls throughout implementation process through HealthScan Sprint Scan which supports implementation methodology, Now Create

HealthScan evaluates and classifies recommendations by importance to ensure you address critical items first

The HealthScan Scorecard uses AI to study your instance health changes over time and lets you align improvements or degradation according to need

Drastically reduce upgrade time upgrade time and predict which skipped records will appear in the future

HealthScan is automated instance scanning system. It is a full-body assessment of your instance health that analyzes system configuration against best practices. It also provides insights and recommendations for what you should continue doing and where you might be able to improve.

HealthScan scans your instance, compares your configuration to best practice definitions across product suites, such as ITSM and Performance Analytics, and summarizes your instance health, relative to best practices.

HealthScan helps you understand where you may have technical debt and it provides data-driven insights designed to help you optimize your instance configuration.

In short time, an entire end-to-end scan completes and creates a HealthScan Scorecard that displays summary level scores in five categories. The scan does not impact system performance but is generally executed in a sub-prod instance with the closest alignment to your production instance.

• The end-to-end scan is available free.
• The high-level HealthScan Scorecard is available free on request.

Top Feature Briefs
Frequently asked question?

If you avoid a healthscan the consequences can be devestating!

Loss of Business Agility & Competitiveness

Your business may lose the agility it requires due changing market conditions and may also miss out on opportunities to improve customer satisfaction or gain a competitive edge.

Compliance & Regulatory Lapses

Your organization may be at risk of non-compliance if not configured properly to meet regulatory requirements.

Downgraded User Experience

When not configured properly, users may have difficulty accessing the features they need or understanding how to use them.

Inaccurate Reporting

Poorly configured can make it difficult to generate accurate reports creating problems for decision-makers pertaining to insights they need to make informed business decisions.

Decreased Security

The security and audit policies may not be adequate, resulting in vulnerabilities and security threats.

Poor Performance

The platforms and processes based on may not work as intended, resulting in slow response times, errors, and outages.

Increased Costs

Inefficient processes lead to increased operational costs due to repetitive tasks, increased reworks, longer resolution times and higher number of tickets.

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