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Revolutionize Your IT Operations with our Innovative ITSM Solutions

At Moch.IT, we specialize in providing customized workflow automation solutions that perfectly align with your business strategy. Our team of experts ensures that your platform performs at its best, maximizing its value to help drive growth and achieve your business goals. With our industry expertise, you can trust Moch.IT to be the growth partner you need to succeed.

Helping Businesses Grow

Moch.IT helps you realize the full business potential of ITSM
Employee Experience Management

Allowing you to effortlessly streamline your employee experiences to the last dot.

Device Responsive

Simplifying access to key company resources through web, mobile apps or Virtual Agent conversations.

Faster Service Delivery

Empowering teams with instant access to the right people, knowledge and applications.

Closing Gaps

Helping you understand where the disconnections are between internal SLAs and your customers’ expectations.

Smarter decisions. Strong businesses

We can help you through the digital transformation journey, to be one step ahead of competition by building experiences with digital ease and speed.

Strategic Vision

We also help our customers to keep pace with changing technology landscapes and business models to attain competitive advantage


ITSM Key Functionalities

Helping you leverage the power of Enterprise Service Management

Incident Management

We provide task boards, dashboards, an ML-driven app, self-service portals, multichannel support, and automatic priority assignment based on incident urgency.

Change and Release Management

Features DevOps integration for fast changes, auto-approval for low-risk changes, and a graphical display of change impact on IT, configuration items, and services.

Problem Management

Offers guidelines for repeat incident resolution, knowledge sharing for fast issue handling, and dashboards for trend identification and response.

IT Service Performance Analytics

Provides auto-alerts for deviating item values and tracks varied metrics to boost IT service performance.


Consolidating your business on a single platform

While it can feel like these issues are normal and happen to every company, they don’t have to. With smart management of IT resources, organizations can avoid the unnecessary waste of time and money resulting from faulty processes, incorrect decisions, and inefficient management. A modernized IT department will be able to better support your new business strategy and free you up to focus on what matters most: Your business.

ITSM Efficiencies

When Moch.IT brings ITSM to the tables of organizations; it’s with the confidence of ITSM providing a foremost advantage of improving IT efficiency. It does so by automated process workflow, efficient use of human IT resources, reduces downtime and saves money, counteracts issues before they even come into existence, provides insightful reports, helps to recover quickly from crucial IT issue, and increasing incident visibility and response through service-based incident management.


ITSM vs. ITIL vs. DevOps

Trying to pick either of the three can be problematic for businesses. However, it must be remembered that ITSM, ITIL, and DevOps are not mutually exclusive, and they relate to each other. The following explains how.


A strategic approach to management, emphasizes role clarity for IT services, aiming for higher productivity, lower costs, and improved end-user satisfaction.


ITIL, an IT Service Management framework, outlines best practices to align IT functions with business outcomes, providing essential tools for proper IT service delivery.


DevOps encourages collaboration for efficient app delivery and cost reduction, while ITIL prioritizes streamlining service management to enhance customer satisfaction.

ITSM Integrations

ITSM data silos and streamlined IT service workflows can be avoided through Moch.IT’s recommendations. It advises integrating ITSM with the following corporate systems

HR Software

The software uses employee data from the HR software to give assets to employees.


Customer data becomes visible in the ITSM software, and CRM users can get relevant customer data

Ticketing Software

An incident ticket creation updates the ticketing software with a new issue automatically, sharing details and status on both platforms.

Featured Questions

Frequently Ask Qustions.

Implementing a complete ITSM solution can take several months, but early value can be achieved in as little as a couple of weeks. Moch.IT will work with your teams to define and measure success criteria throughout the implementation lifecycle to demonstrate increased value at every stage.

At Moch.IT, we have a highly experienced team of consultants that have vast experience across the ITSM spectrum and work with industry-leading tools. Our clients reference us as transformational partners rather than a consultancy because we are defined by the way we impact our clients’ businesses – and they are more than willing to share their experiences

Wherever you are on your digital transformation journey, Moch.IT has a solution to support your workload and business needs. From CaaS days to managed services, we have teams in place to ensure you stay on track for successful delivery and maximize the return on your investment.

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