Our Services

Transform Your Business with Our Services

Our transformation approach begins by assessing your current-state service management capabilities, identifying and evaluating risks, and developing a tailored plan for bridging the gaps in your current processes and tooling. Our Services include to identify if and where there is space for expansion and improvement, then we help you drive synergy between your services to create the experience your users want.


Strategic Consultation

We bring unparalleled technology and process expertise to our clients’ business enablement initiatives. Our consultative practice develops the framework necessary to successfully provide solutions to businesses.

Tailored Solutions

Platform Management Services

Moch.IT’s Platform Management Service will help you to get most out of the heavy investment in IT. With Moch.IT Platform Management Service, you can scale the commitment of your instance as needed whether your business is just starting with PaaS or moving towards full-platform maturity.


Implementation Service

When it comes to taking a structured, systematic approach to PaaS (Platform As A Service) implementation, our experts understand what is needed for accelerated adoption and long-term success.

Streamlined Business

Applications Marketplace

Our Application store provides a set of business-specific apps. Applications can be deployed quickly, then configured and extended in-house using the powerful features of our platform.

Portal Development

Moch.IT will help you build a service portal that aligns with your business needs and the corporate culture. We can even tailor the level of employee experience according to the functional needs and communication preferences of your employees.


Unleash the power of workflow automation with our expertise

Our Services starts from customizing the service portal to developing workflows and integrations, we have the expertise to help you maximize the benefits of your workflow automation.

Improved efficiency

Free up your team's time to focus on higher-value work

Enhanced user experience

Improve satisfaction and engagement

Better decision-making

Make data-driven decisions and optimize your ITSM processes

Increased agility

Stay ahead of the competition and improve your overall agility as an organization

Cost savings

Impact on your bottom line and help you achieve your business goals

Enhanced security

Reduce the risk of data breaches and ensure your IT services are secure and compliant

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