Platform Management Services

Utilize ServiceNow’s Platform Management Services

Moch.IT Platform Management Services cover the complete end-to-end lifecycle of your ServiceNow platform, and provide additional coaching, best practice advice to help your organization drive the maximum value out of their platform investment. With our fixed-price support contracts, your people will benefit from superior support at an operational and strategic level, which allows them to focus on driving business value from ServiceNow


Improved solution for managed support

Improve the solution for managed support, ensuring your platform is optimized for maximum performance and value.

Our L1 Service

Monitor system health, maintain instance operation, handle incidents, admin requests, reports, platform analysis, and act as the central point of contact for ServiceNow issues.

Our L2 Service

We work with your staff to ensure a smooth platform setup and operation. Our services include issue investigation, configuration, enhancement, technical assistance, consultation, and coordination with ServiceNow.

Our L3 Support Services

We offer end-to-end platform support for smooth operation. This includes configuration, administration, best practice guidance, governance advice, and patching/upgrades aligned with ServiceNow best practices.



Specialized on providing continuous platform maintenance to keep your ServiceNow application running smoothly, modern support beyond traditional models, customized support from Moch.IT experts who understand your business goals, and flexible engagement models that allow for rapid response times and scalable support. With a fixed price and on-demand assistance for bug fixes and defect remediation, our services ensure your ServiceNow platform operates at peak performance.

Continuous Platform Maintenance

Our Platform Management Service ensures smooth application operation with on-demand bug fix and defect assistance.

Modern Support Base

Moch.IT offers comprehensive services beyond traditional support. From incident response to proactive monitoring, we provide a high-touch approach.

Customized Support

Get world-class support from ServiceNow experts for your custom solution. Our consultants understand your business goals with complete confidence.

Flexible Engagement Models

Our flexible engagement models ensure rapid response times and scalable support for your ServiceNow platform's peak performance.


Platform Architecture & Upgrade Services

Our ServiceNow Platform Architecture service provides architectural support and leadership for the IT transformation, change management, and collaboration that enables the success of your strategic vision. We work with you to empower your organization to realize new levels of business agility and productivity through solutions that adapt as quickly as your business.

Featured Questions

Frequently Ask Qustions.

As a platform management service, we help replace, supplement, and enhance the current capabilities of your dedicated team (or teams) responsible for managing ServiceNow. From planning to implementation, configuration and maintenance – Moch.IT can help.

Moch.IT offers support plans ranging from standard to custom that are tailored to the needs of your organization.

To get the most value, you must build a strategy that is aligned with your business objectives. A successful platform strategy gives stakeholders confidence in what’s possible and takes all the guesswork out of planning to achieve those goals, while managing cost-related risks.

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