Future-Proof Your Business with Now Platform Utah Release

Future-Proof Your Business with Now Platform Utah Release

Are you excited about taking your organization’s digital transformation to the next level? If so, you’ll be thrilled that the latest ServiceNow Utah release is finally here!

ServiceNow, the leading digital workflow company, has announced a significant platform expansion with the Now Platform Utah release. The most recent iteration of the all-encompassing digital transformation platform is now equipped with AI-enabled process mining coupled with robotic process automation (RPA) capabilities, along with supplementary search improvements, extended optimization for the workforce, and a module for managing health and safety incidents. With this major platform expansion, organizations can future-proof their businesses and drive outcomes faster, even in the face of continued economic uncertainty.

The Now Platform Utah Release has been developed to aid organizations in safeguarding their businesses for the future and achieving faster outcomes despite ongoing economic instability. IDC predicts that spending on digital technology will increase at a rate eight times higher than the economy by 2023, and by 2026, 40% of total revenue for G2000 companies will originate from digital services, products, and experiences. Despite an increase in technology budgets, decision-makers are reassessing their technology investment priorities, giving importance to those that offer immediate organizational impact and provide value in a shorter timeframe.

This blog gives you a detailed overview of the Utah release and recommends taking full advantage of its new capabilities. So, let’s dive in and explore what ServiceNow has to offer!


New Capabilities Offered by Now Platform Utah Release

The Now Platform Utah release offers organizations a range of new capabilities that will help them automate their workflows, streamline their operations, and increase agility. Here are some of the key capabilities of the new release:


  • AI-powered process mining with RPA capabilities will enable organizations to locate and eliminate inefficiencies in their workflows and automate repetitive tasks. This will help organizations to reduce costs, increase efficiency, and improve the overall quality of their services.
  • Expanded Workforce Optimization, along with Health and Safety Incident Management capabilities, will help organizations to manage their workforce more effectively, improve the health and safety of their employees, and reduce the risk of workplace accidents and injuries.
  • New search enhancements will enable organizations to find the information they need quickly and make informed decisions.


ServiceNow’s Commitment to Simplify and Connect Experiences

“Organizations no longer need to choose between speed and innovation or great experiences and business growth,” said CJ Desai, president and chief operating officer at Now Platform Utah Release. “ServiceNow’s intelligent platform offers fast time to value, continuous net new innovation, and a simplified and seemingly invisible upgrade experience so customers can do more with less and transform their business models. Our latest release is designed for this moment – empowering organizations to maximize efficiency, accelerate ROI on digital spending, and create simplified, connected experiences across their entire value chain.”


Elevate Your Customer Service Game with ServiceNow’s Latest Release

In today’s business landscape, customer service is more important than ever. With the latest Now Platform Utah Release, you can take your customer service game to the next level. The release has several new features and enhancements that can help you deliver personalized, efficient, and effective customer service.


Boost Your Service Management with ServiceNow’s Install Base Foundation

The latest Now Platform Utah Release includes an exciting new feature that can take your service management to the next level. With the install base foundation, you can gain enhanced visibility into customer needs, add-on products, and service sales, and a complete view of all install base data, including location, installation dates, and open cases. This feature can help you provide more personalized and efficient customer service.


Simplify Service Delivery with ServiceNow’s Automatic Service Definitions

Now Platform Utah Release comes with an automatic service definition feature that can make it easier for customers and agents to find the services they need. This feature can help you simplify service delivery and make it more efficient. With automatic filters based on customers’ product models or case contexts, you can quickly find the relevant service item you need, improving your overall experience and satisfaction.


Streamline Customer Support with ServiceNow’s Omnichannel Call-Back

Waiting in a queue for customer support can be frustrating. With Now Platform Utah Release, you can streamline customer support with the omnichannel call-back feature. Customers can request a call-back directly from chatbot conversations, the customer service portal, or Engagement Messenger cards and choose the best time to receive a call from the next available agent. This feature can help you provide more efficient and personalized customer support.


Field Service Management: Task Bundling:

In the latest release, similar work order tasks will be grouped into one trip to reduce travel costs and carbon footprint while increasing service margins. Dispatcher efficiency and workload are also expected to be improved.


Field Service Management: Intra-day Schedule Automation:

With the updated feature, tasks will automatically be rescheduled, responding to real-time field updates to eliminate guesswork for dispatchers. This will ensure that schedule gaps are closed and rescheduled tasks comply with contractual obligations. Technicians and customers will stay informed of the latest changes.


Field Service Management: Equipment Scheduling:

Dispatchers can now schedule specialized equipment for different work tasks to avoid delays due to the tools’ long pending processes. Enhancing workflow efficiency can result in faster problem resolution and improved customer satisfaction levels, as it reduces the time and resources required to complete tasks.


ITSM Upgrades for Improved Performance

The latest upgrades to the ITSM platform offer deeper operational insights through integration with DevOps flow metrics. This integration provides critical data for business decision-making while simplifying the platform interface by mapping popular KPI groups with user portfolios.


Streamlined Asset Management with Digital Enhancements

The Enterprise Asset Management system is now more efficient with automated equipment maintenance schedules, streamlining maintenance documentation for audits and inspections. The reclamation and retiring processes are also automated upon employee turnover, with assistance to determine follow-up actions such as redeployment, repairment, retirement, or disposal. This results in a longer lifespan of enterprise assets.


Enhanced Software Asset Management:

Users will now have access to Software Asset Workplace, where they can easily manage software assets by creating, assigning, and tracking new value builder tasks.


Containerized Software Licensing:

The new feature ensures software deployed on containers complies with licensing regulations for Microsoft SQL Server and Microsoft Windows Server. Non-compliance issues are automatically detected, and remediation options are created.


SaaS Contract Management:

All software contracts and entitlements are consolidated into one calendar for better visibility of renewal and expiration dates. This allows businesses to plan and budget for upcoming SaaS usage.

Hardware Asset Management


Hardware asset procurement management:

The platform provides a centralized workspace for managing hardware asset procurement activities, offering users better visibility of task progress.

Bulk updates of asset locations are now made possible by associating them with a pallet. This feature allows for better accountability by providing detailed location information, such as aisle and space details.


Donation workflow:

The process for asset donations to charities has been streamlined through the Hardware Asset Workspace, providing a complete workflow for requesting, approving, planning, and scheduling donation orders. Users can also add acknowledgement documentation from charitable organizations for better management.


Automation and Low-Code Development

Introducing App Engine Studio:

The new low-code tool is designed to be user-friendly, even for non-technical staff. With Workplace Builder and Experience Templates, users can easily create, preview, and edit workspaces by dragging and dropping elements or choosing pre-designed templates.


App Engine Management Center:

Each application now has its own dashboard providing insights into user experiences. Developers can adjust the app based on the results, to improve performance and engagement.


ServiceNow’s Utah Release: Top Features and Benefits

The Now Platform is now enhanced with exciting features and benefits. Here are some of the most impressive updates from the Now Platform Utah Release.


Next-gen User Interface (UI):

The new UI provides a cutting-edge experience for users. It is intuitive, modern, and customizable, allowing users to tailor their branding and theme with the new Theme Builder feature. Preview options ensure a seamless production process.


Unified Theming for Mobile Apps:

Now you can create a unified interface for your mobile applications using a consistent theme across all platforms. This approach helps to improve brand awareness and create an impactful user experience.

AI Search:

Integrating Artificial Intelligence in the search function provides advanced features such as auto-complete and typo handling. Doing this streamlines the search process for service delivery teams, enabling them to find information more efficiently.

Make your business more efficient and effective with the latest Utah release of  Now Platform Utah Release! Our team of professionals is all set to help you seamlessly upgrade to the new release, ensuring you stay ahead of the competition. Don’t miss out on its latest features and enhancements that can transform your operations. Contact us now to learn how we can help you upgrade and take your business to the next level!


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