What is ServiceNow?

Find out how ServiceNow products can provide a service model that can assist users in identifying the root cause of difficulties they encounter as well as resolving issues via self-service.

What is ServiceNow?

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Guaranteed tangible results with Moch.IT

Moch.IT solutions ensure your ServiceNow platform is performing at its best and remains aligned with business strategy. We help our clients maximize the value of ServiceNow by ensuring their ITSM platform matches their specific needs today, as well as far into the future. You need a growth partner who knows how to use ServiceNow to help your business succeed. Moch.IT is the answer.

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Smarter decisions. Strong businesses.

We can help you through the digital transformation journey, to be one step ahead of competition by building experiences with digital ease and speed. We also help our customers to keep pace with changing technology landscapes and business models to attain competitive advantage.

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Consolidating your business on a single platform

While it can feel like these issues are normal and happen to every company, they don’t have to. With smart management of IT resources, organizations can avoid the unnecessary waste of time and money resulting from faulty processes, incorrect decisions, and inefficient management. A modernized IT department will be able to better support your new business strategy and free you up to focus on what matters most: Your business.


Moch.IT helps you realize the full business potential of ServieNow ITSM

ServiceNow IT Service Management puts automated, efficient and effective processes at your fingertips. A single ticket view-driven framework allows you to work across multiple teams, which can be a major boon in the world of complex IT management. Processes are easy, allowing customers to self-serve and teams to deliver more valuable time to your business.

By implementing a state-of-the-art ServiceNow IT Service Management (ITSM) solution in your organisation, your customers will be delighted by their experience. They will receive an automated response to their initial request including all the information they need, ticket and resolution visibility, service level agreement adherence and end to end process transparency.

The ITSM modules include Incident Management, Problem Management, Change Management and further modules that can enhance your service delivery. Your team will be empowered by the simple interfaces and workflows available throughout the whole process. There is a dedicated mobile app available to allow your onsite technicians to handle maintenance requests as well as receiving notifications when changes are required.

The essence of ITSM is having a direct line of sight between technology and the user. When we talk about IT having a clear purpose and delivering it well, this means understanding how services are being consumed and valued – whether that be via the eyes of an employee or a customer.

Employee Experience Management

In today’s world, a positive employee experience is essential to business growth and survival. Moch.IT’s ITSM platform allows you to effortlessly streamline your employee experiences. Customer-focused employees are more engaged and productive. The overall outcome is a lower rate of attrition and higher levels of commitment by your employees.

Device Responsive

ServiceNow is a cloud-based platform of digital workflows that create great experiences and unlock productivity for employees and the enterprise. It simplifies accessing key company resources through web, mobile apps or Virtual Agent conversations.

Faster Service Delivery

Competition is fierce. We’re in a digital world and new ways of working are key to winning, serving and retaining customers. Our ITSM solution empowers teams with instant access to the right people, knowledge and applications to resolve issues quickly & successfully the first time.

Closing Gaps

ServiceNow provides a comprehensive view of your service levels, helping you understand where the disconnections are between internal SLAs and your customers’ expectations. And with integrated analytics and reporting, you can drill into data easily to determine why you’re not meeting service levels and where to focus improvement efforts.

ServiceNow ITSM Key Functionality

Incident Management

It includes visual task boards styled in an intuitive Kanban manner. These boards permit IT teams to handle team assignments and other incident tasks. Using the board, IT teams can create checklists and further tasks while also setting task priorities. ServiceNow IT Service Management offers the IT team a chance to triage, consequently address and resolve any incidents using a native mobile app. IT agents use this by attaining ML-Driven recommendations on how to find solutions to incidents that already have similar cases. The program’s functionality is not just for IT teams but is also for employees, as they can submit incidents through a self-service portal, chat boxes, emails, and the phone. As incident management is a priority, the application provides configurable role-based reports and dashboards that give an insight into the status of an incident, its resolution time, and other factors. A ticket’s priority can also be automatically calculated based on the impact and urgency of the incident.

Change and Release Management

Any form of a change can be accelerated by integrating the DevOps pipeline with the help of ServiceNow change management, properly implemented through Moch.IT’s consultation. Low-risk and standard changes can be automatically approved, with a map depicting the consequences of any change proposed on IT, configuration items, and services.

Problem Management

Because problems should be efficiently minimized within a business, ServiceNow ITSM, with the help of ServiceNow consultancy, ensures that guidelines are given to businesses for their IT service agents on how to resolve persistently occurring incidents. IT agents can transfer their knowledge to share already known errors and their workarounds to resolve issues of a similar kind quickly. Problem management also has built-in dashboards for problem identification and consequent redress of unusual trends and patterns.

IT Service Performance Analytics

As a part of performance analytics, ServiceNow ITSM automatically alerts about deviations from the projected values for configuration items. It also tracks diverse metrics such as the quantity of new and close vulnerable items or the mean time taken to remediate. It does this to get information on how to enhance the existing IT service performance. Other examples of ServiceNow ITSM key functionalities that can be attained with Moch.IT are configuration management, continual improvement management, vendor management workspace, and service portfolio workspace.

ServiceNow Intern Job Description

ITSM Efficiencies

When Moch.IT brings ITSM to the tables of organizations; it’s with the confidence of ITSM providing a foremost advantage of improving IT efficiency. It does so in the following ways:

  • – Automated process workflow.
  • – Efficient use of human IT resources, which are in scarcity.
  • – Reduces downtime and saves money.
  • – Counteracts issues before they even come into existence.
  • – Provides insightful reports.
  • – Helps to recover quickly from crucial IT issues.
  • – Increasing incident visibility and response through service-based incident management.

ServiceNow ITSM Integrations

ITSM data silos and streamlined IT service workflows can be avoided through Moch.IT’s recommendations. It advises integrating ServiceNow ITSM with the following corporate systems:

HR Software

The ServiceNow software uses employee data from the HR software to give assets to employees.


Customer data becomes visible in the ITSM ServiceNow software, and CRM users can get relevant customer data.

Ticketing Software

When an incident ticket is created in the ITSM software, a new issue updates in the ticketing software automatically, thus, the issue’s status, details, and other information become available on both software.

ITSM vs. ITIL vs. DevOps

Trying to pick either of the three can be problematic for businesses. However, it must be remembered that ITSM, ITIL, and DevOps are not mutually exclusive, and they relate to each other. The following explains how:


ITSM is a deliberate approach to management, focusing on providing value to customers by clearly identifying the roles and responsibilities that every individual and department must uphold with regard to IT services. Therefore, it warrants high productivity with lower costs and better-quality end-user satisfaction.


Standing for IT Infrastructure Library, ITIL is yet another framework for IT Service Management, offering details of best practices for IT functions to align them according to the firm’s business outcomes. It is considered one of the best framework practices for ITSM, ensuring that essential tools and techniques are present to deliver IT services properly.


Like ITIL, DevOps is also an IT framework; nonetheless, it has differences. While ITIL focuses on streamlining service management and improving customer satisfaction, DevOps is a philosophy for IT development and delivery. DevOps works to bring together development and operations teams to bring about better communication and collaboration within the organization. It enables consistent delivery of applications and shorter development cycles. Its other features include lesser expenses and advanced cooperation between departments.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the duration of implementation?

Implementing a complete ITSM solution can take several months, but early value can be achieved in as little as a couple of weeks. Moch.IT will work with your teams to define and measure success criteria throughout the implementation lifecycle to demonstrate increased value at every stage.

Why choose Moch.IT ?

At Moch.IT, we have a highly experienced team of consultants that have vast experience across the ITSM spectrum and work with industry-leading tools. Our clients reference us as transformational partners rather than a consultancy because we are defined by the way we impact our clients’ businesses – and they are more than willing to share their experiences

Do you offer post-implementation services?

Wherever you are on your ServiceNow journey, Moch.IT has a solution to support your workload and business needs. From CaaS days to managed services, we have teams in place to ensure you stay on track for successful delivery and maximize the return on your investment.

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