Optimizing ServiceNow ITOM For Maximum Efficiency: Tips and Tricks

Optimizing ServiceNow ITOM For Maximum Efficiency: Tips and Tricks

Information Technology Operations Management (ITOM) defines the methods that are used by IT to manage support, services, and deployment for the goal of achieving stability, premier quality, and authentic service. They are usually management departments within an IT team that make policies for managing and fixing services and support. These procedures include how organizations plan to meet the needs of clients and themselves and policies about meeting clients’ SLAs.

What is ServiceNow ITOM?

ServiceNow ITOM is an all-inclusive solution to manage the IT operations of an organization thoroughly. It provides real-time visibility into IT infrastructure, applications, and services, enabling IT teams to quickly identify and resolve performance issues and ensure that IT operations run smoothly.

What is Included in ServiceNow ITOM?

ServiceNow ITOM is like an umbrella that covers a range of IT operations management functions, including IT service management, incident management, change management, and configuration management. One of the best things about ServiceNow ITOM is its integration with other solutions and ServiceNow products like ServiceNow ITSM. It can be customized to meet the specific needs of any business or individual.

What Does ITOM Do in ServiceNow?

ServiceNow ITOM is a part of the ServiceNow suite. Like ServiceNow IT Service Management (ITSM), ServiceNow ITOM is essential for enterprises to manage their IT operations in the most efficient and effective manner. Below are some of the key components of ServiceNow ITOM:


The discovery module of ServiceNow ITOM allows you to discover your entire IT infrastructure by creating an up-to-date record on the configuration management database. ITOM discovers both physical and logical components such as servers, virtual machines, storage, applications, databases, and much more. The discovery module creates a single record system to enhance visibility effectively.

Event Management

ServiceNow ITOM helps IT teams manage and respond to events like system outages or service disruptions. It enables the team to swiftly identify the root causes of unwanted events and resolve them as soon as possible. 

Service Mapping

Service mapping effortlessly maps the relationship between IT asset management, processes, and services. It allows the IT team to understand the impact of changes on the infrastructure so they can fix performance issues effectively.


ServiceNow ITOM integrates well with other ServiceNow platforms or third-party solutions, providing you with ease and convenience. It integrates perfectly with security systems, management systems, and cloud platforms making it hassle-free for IT teams to sync their systems.

Operational Intelligence

Operational intelligence is one of the star modules of the ServiceNow ITOM. Operational intelligence analyzes any performance issues in the IT infrastructure and applications. The application uses machine learning intelligence to find performance issues by collecting raw metrics data from monitoring sources. 


ServiceNow ITOM automates the manual task within your IT infrastructures and beyond, including printers, servers, applications, and even remote services. Orchestration can help your team focus on more critical functions than manually resetting passwords or providing software usage access.

Best Practices For Maximum ITOM Efficiency

You can take the following measures to get the best out of your ITOM.

Align Leadership with Goals

A serious ongoing commitment to resources is required for the success of ITOM. With executive support and buy-in, it can be easier to stick to that commitment. Additionally, administrative support can help with overcoming resistance and navigating cultural shifts.

Know your Existing Operation Management Processes

To enhance and manage your IT operational processes more efficiently, you must know what they are and how they align with your IT infrastructure and business objectives. You need to have a comprehensive understanding of the IT operational process as well as reliable solutions to discover and map your IT landscape.


Your discovery may begin with a manual audit of your processes and environment based on the size and complexity of your IT landscape, the scope of your current operations, and the management resources that are available.

Identify and Prioritize your Goals

A project plan is crucial for any IT project to succeed. Prioritizing your goals is essential to achieve them as it gives you direction and a plan of action. When it comes to IT operations, these goals may be getting new applications or services or saving some operational costs.

Select your Deployment Method

If you choose multiple management techniques, you must think about different deployment methods. Hiring consultants and a dedicated management team are two alternative strategies. Moreover, you must carefully evaluate your possible strategies. If you need external expertise, pay more attention to the relevant experience and be more transparent about costs.

Align your Business Goals

For success and digital transformations, make sure that your ITOM plans are in accordance with your organization’s goals and strategies. Ensure that all stakeholders and key people have their input while making your ITOM plans.

Run a Data Audit

IT operations process decisions should be based on the perfect information available. Make sure the current data you have is thorough, reliable, precise, and the latest and allows effective communication with your selected ITOM solution before you go too far in your ITOM solution journey. 


List down all the repetitive and routine manual IT management tasks. You can then use the rules that are set up by your organization’s policies to automate those tasks. Automation makes sure that work is done consistently. Moreover, it helps prevent any human error and makes skilled employees focus more on complex and significant tasks. 


Integrate your ServiceNow ITOM with other business solutions like ServiceNow ITSM or ServiceNow ITAM or with other third-party tools to get the best out of your ITOM. If your company is not consolidating its IT management data using a configuration management database (CMDB), the investment in ITOM and IT management integration efforts may be justified.

Empower your Team

Make sure that everybody in your organization who is related directly to the ITOM efforts at your enterprise gets proper beginner training in your chosen procedures and solutions. Keep your employees more diligent and up-to-date with changing solutions by giving them follow-up training. 


By regularly communicating with them and your other significant business stakeholders, you can establish an inclusive culture of ITOM awareness throughout your organization.

Choose the Right Partner

Your ITOM commitments need to be high-level and long-term to provide business solutions that last. The service and solution providers you choose must be equally committed to your company’s success. You have an obligation to check to see that these service providers are able to keep their promises to your business, both now and in the future.


Moch.IT provides premium ServiceNow services like ServiceNow ITSM and ServiceNow ITOM. We help your business achieve its goals with solutions and strategies proven to yield tangible results.

Improving ITOM Performance Through Monitoring and Maintenance

Monitoring and maintenance are both critical aspects to ensure streamlined IT processes. The following are vital strategies to improve your ServiceNow ITOM performance:

Regular Monitoring

You should regularly monitor your services and IT infrastructure to identify any problems and resolve them before they become major issues and cause system outages. IT teams can use performance analytics tools to monitor key metrics, such as response time, availability, and capacity, and quickly identify and resolve performance issues.

Proactive Maintenance

Regular proactive maintenance, such as updating software and patches, is essential to boost your ServiceNow ITOM. Updating the system and software regularly ensures that the system is secure from any viruses, bugs, or vulnerabilities that may cause harm or hamper performance. 

Capacity Planning

Capacity planning is an effective strategy to help IT teams monitor and predict the capacity needs of IT infrastructure, identify potential performance bottlenecks, and take proactive steps to resolve them.

Staying Up-to-Date with ServiceNow ITOM Releases and Updates

Staying up-to-date with ServiceNow ITOM updates ensures that IT teams benefit from the latest features and improvements of ITOM & ITSM. It can help with the following:

Improved Functionality

New updates of the platform usually include features that can turn out to be helpful for the IT teams to manage their operations effectively. Keeping up with the platform can add new capabilities to the system to help boost overall productivity and efficiency.

Enhanced Security

Having the latest version of ServiceNow ITOM helps in keeping unwanted cyber attacks at bay. Updates usually include patches that help with any security threat or vulnerability the system was prone to in the past and ensure that it’s safe from data breaches or other known security threats. 

Better Performance

With every update release, ServiceNow ITOM becomes better, faster, more scalable, and more reliable. It helps your team to provide efficient services to the organization and meet the requirements of your business. 

Boost ROI

Perhaps the best investment you can make for your IT is getting a reliable ITOM solution. Keeping up-to-date with ITOM releases and updates can help IT teams maximize their investment in the solution and realize the full potential of IT operations management. This can lead to increased ROI and a stronger competitive advantage for the organization.


operations-managementEnhance Your IT Operations Management for Guaranteed Outcome


As the IT world is making businesses more convenient, IT Operations Management has become a crucial part of success for organizations. However, having the right partner for providing services and developing ITOM strategies is very important. Moch.IT is one of the leading ServiceNow providers, giving all the ServiceNow solutions with a single click. We help businesses accomplish their goals and objectives without having to break the bank. Contact us for more information, and let us make your business journey easier for you!


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