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Find out how ServiceNow products can provide a service model that can assist users in identifying the root cause of difficulties they encounter as well as resolving issues via self-service.

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Operational Impact of ServiceNow Virtual Agent on CSM

Operational Impact of ServiceNow Virtual Agent on CSM

Virtual agents, often known as chatbots, are computer programs that mimic human interaction by following a set of scripted instructions. Organizations around the world typically employ virtual agents for customer support functions to respond to customers’ basic questions, fulfill their normal requests, and solve their relatively straightforward issues.

For example, when a customer first contacts a business through a call or a website’s click-to-chat option, the agent that deals with him may be a virtual agent. Some companies even use virtual agents to deal with employee requests.

Further, virtual agents are often used in the IT department to handle help desk tasks like password reset requests from staff members. They can also be utilized in the workplace to direct workers through procedures. So in this blog, we will discuss how the virtual agent of ServiceNow can impact the customer service management system of a company.

ServiceNow – Operational Impact of Virtual Agent on CSM

The Virtual Agent feature on ServiceNow has been around for quite some time and is now becoming a well-developed feature. The Virtual Agent of ServiceNow is capable of facilitating the resolution of frequent problems and the fulfillment of typical requests.

As a result, your agents and technicians will have more time for the more technical user issues when Virtual Agent takes care of the mundane, daily inquiries.

With Virtual Agent, your agents and technicians will no longer have to waste time on routine, low-impact user requests like password reset, requests for time off, and inquiries about recent orders. Instead, they will be able to impress customers with impressive, intelligently managed interactions. Increase the quality of your users’ frequent, routine encounters.

Virtual Agents can help with a wide variety of business functions, such as IT Service Management, Customer Service Management, and HR Service Delivery. The following are some of the ways in which Virtual Agent assists enterprises:

  • Resolving Frequently Asked Questions
  • Sharing instructional, “how to” content
  • Checking on the current state of a case or incident
  • Preparing information for a live agent, such as documents to be attached to a message.
  • Problems diagnostics
  • Solving Multistep Problems

Key Features of Virtual Agent in CSM

Even though it may seem like a chatbot at first glance, Virtual Agent is capable of much more. It offers a wide variety of options for delivering exceptional service to clients. Our experience with ServiceNow and that of our clients has led us to conclude that the NLU engine, pre-built conversational themes, and Virtual Agent Analytics are the three most important and useful components of the ServiceNow instance.

Machine Learning For Natural Language Processing

Your Virtual Agent’s ability to comprehend, analyze, and appropriately reply to consumer inquiries is greatly enhanced by the implementation of natural language processing. As of the Tokyo release, ServiceNow’s NLU engine supports 17 different languages.

In other words, ServiceNow NLU is optional. It is feasible to integrate Microsoft LUIS or IBM Watson with your Virtual Agent. Your users can interact with your service as though they were having a conversation with an agent and yet get useful responses thanks to NLU.

In the real world, your Virtual Agent will function better and provide a better experience as a result. Removing bias and erroneous conclusions from encounters is another benefit.

Structured, Pre-Made Conversation Topics

There is no need to invent conversational structures from scratch. ServiceNow’s CSM, HCM, and ITSM modules will help your team members save time. The Virtual Agent may be used quickly and efficiently because of its pre-built chats and reusable topic pieces.

With a few mouse clicks, you can make a library of pre-built conversational themes available to your consumers. In addition, the most frequent self-service tasks in each business sector are supported by pre-defined conversation flows.

Virtual Agent Analytics

After VA is up and running, you’ll want to evaluate how well it’s doing. To help with this, we can use Virtual Agent Analytics. For the purpose of valuing and assessing its influence on the business, ServiceNow developed an analytics tool to measure and evaluate it objectively. Analytics of the user experience informed its design.

In a similar vein to User Experience Analytics, we can observe:

  • Total number of curves
  • Total number of current VA cases
  • Previous Discussions
  • Statistics on the most popular topics
  • The most commonly used languages

In addition to these metrics, there are a number of other valuable indications that can provide light on VA’s application and the ways in which its effects might be enhanced. For instance, you can hone in on specifics and boost VA’s ability to fix problems.

Key Benefits of Virtual Agent in CSM

Satisfaction of the User

Improve self-service by giving users and customers instantaneous access to the information they seek through a variety of channels. Make it possible for people to access instant support whenever they need it. Boost user and customer happiness by giving a tailored Virtual Agent experience, whereby user information is remembered and utilized during the discussion.

Productivity Boost

Deliver outstanding experiences for your users, as well as your agents and technicians, by deflecting tickets and reducing call volumes. Drive productivity by giving a virtual agent on common channels, such as Slack, Microsoft Teams, Facebook Messenger, and Workplace.

Automation support

Scale your support groups and free your agents and technicians to focus on more difficult user concerns by automating typical support chores.

Empowered service owners

Enable service owners to offer and develop AI capabilities fast without data science knowledge.

Last Lines

By redirecting the more common, lighter problems to a virtual agent, you can free up your IT staff to focus on the more complex, demanding user requests and incidents. Providing rapid responses to IT-related queries is one way in which ITSM Virtual Agent improves the experience for both IT technicians and end users. And, with each new release, ServiceNow updates its virtual agent to improve user experience in the IT industry.


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