What is ServiceNow?

Find out how ServiceNow products can provide a service model that can assist users in identifying the root cause of difficulties they encounter as well as resolving issues via self-service.

What is ServiceNow?

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What is ServiceNow HR Service Delivery?

It’s amazing how companies want to establish a strong foothold within their management to promote healthy work-life balance among their employees. That’s where the HR personnel comes into the role play. To improve the workflow and streamline the processes in a better way, ServiceNow offers an HR Service Delivery application. With this application, HR and top-tier management can improve not only their employee performance but also analyze other smart features to improve overall performance. 


This guide will help you understand why an organization can improve its ROI using ServiceNow HR Service Delivery.


What is ServiceNow HRSD?

ServiceNow HR Service Delivery (HRSD) is a ServiceNow platform module that digitalizes, organizes, and streamlines a wide range of HR services on a single, standardized web portal. 


ServiceNow HRSD is the antidote to siloed back-end HR systems: it offers a wide range of HR capabilities and is designed to integrate with your current HR technology landscape. HRSD also serves as a hub for a unified experience and service delivery across departments, and it encourages as much self-service as possible. Let’s look at what ServiceNow HRSD can provide for your employees.


Importance of HR Service Delivery ServiceNow

HRSD is critical in fostering a positive business culture and increasing employee engagement and productivity. It is also important in establishing a positive relationship between the employee and the organization.


We’ve seen that while many cases begin with HR, we frequently require assistance from other departments such as IT, finance, or facilities. For many organizations, remote and hybrid work has become the norm, making the traditional model of HR service delivery less viable. HR services offer the flexibility that employees require in today’s workplace. In such cases, HRSD can be used.


Therefore HRSD is important in several ways such as: 


Easy For Employees To Get HR Services

For many organizations, remote and hybrid work has become the norm, making the traditional model of HR service delivery less viable. HR services offer the flexibility that employees require in today’s workplace.


Better Organized Employee Interactions

Despite the ease of self-service, some HR requests require the assistance of a live HR representative. If employees are unable to resolve their issues using an automated feature of the platform, a clear designation of the appropriate representative to contact should be provided. They should also be kept up to date on the status and progress of their requests.


Employee-Focused Services

As the business changes, the HR service delivery model must remain dependable and consistent. This necessitates the use of platform, such as mobile applications, with a tiered-service model that aids in the organization of workflows and the use of resources where they are most needed. 


Support and Manage Teams Better

In today’s distributed work environment, organizations must equip their human resources departments with the right technology to provide flexible HR service delivery that fosters employee engagement. Gamification, social media, and case management tools can all help identify which areas of HR service delivery are working and which need to be improved.


Types of ServiceNow HRSD Roles

The app allows limited access outside the HR organization to protect your personal and professional data for instance, lifecycle event or performance analytics. It can be used by Hr Staff, organization employees and temporary workers (on contract basis). ServiceNow HRSD provides different roles for accessing the application, namely; 


  • Core HR Roles 
  • Client roles 


Core HR Roles

These roles are further dived into three sub-categories according to the management hierarchy. 


HR Admin – They can configure and administer the HR services and employee service center. They can perform all configuration and customization activities related to hr service delivery 


HR Basic – It is used by HR agents to perform daily activities like HR Agents to perform daily HR activities. Such as HR profile creation, desk creation, providing resolution for general queries, file creation, how to improve employee performance management requests, etc. 


HR Manager – they monitor and major the effectiveness of HR in supporting employees throughout the organization. They can access HR cases, files, secured information (like salary). They also consult with upper management regularly on strategic planning for the organization. 


Client Roles

Are used to control what HR functionalities will be available for the employee. They are used to ground the employee full access or specific part of the HRSD application. For instance, employees that are not part of the organization will not have an HR role. Instead, their employment starts date and type, and the system automatically assigns them the client role.


  •  HRSM Clients are allowed access to the platform. 
  • HRSP Clients are allowed access to the employee service center. You can identify the type of employees. For instance, if the person is working as a contractor, you can assign them a particular role, whether it’s on a permanent or temporary basis accordingly. 


What are HRSD Delivery Models?

 Learn about the 6 HRSD Delivery models/modules that will help improve your experience. 


  • Case and Knowledge Management

ServiceNow HRSD’s Case and Knowledge Management is all about providing excellent service to employees. HR and shared services teams can use the platform’s Case and Knowledge Management functionalities to search for and share information and knowledge from any point in an organization.


Employees can also be given the right context and instructions to quickly and effectively handle their inquiries. Announcements, knowledge, and services can all be made available to employees via their preferred device.


  • Employee Center

The Employee Center provides a single interface for employees to find information and access apps.


It is a single location where employees can get all the information, services, and assistance they require, such as viewing all of their requests, browsing knowledge bases and catalogs, chatting with live agents, and more.


The Employee Service Center is available as a standalone application or as part of HR Service Delivery. It is effective for enterprise level research, multi-departmental services, content automation, employee forums and a lot more. 


  • Onboarding and Transitions

You can use Enterprise Onboarding and Transitions to smoothly guide your employees through onboarding, maternity leave, promotion to rrequesting a new laptop or workspace etc. Instead of requiring employees to navigate multiple siloed systems, ServiceNow HRSD consolidates all of the big and small moments of the employee journey on a single platform.


  • Journey Accelerator

The Journey Accelerator assists managers in becoming more effective by providing them with role-based employee plans that can be customized. These plans can be configured and tailored to an employee’s specific requirements. Managers can, for example, eliminate stages from a plan or pair an employee with a mentor to assist them.


  • Document Management

Document management, first and foremost, makes it easier to go paperless. It is a secure, user-friendly virtual storage room that houses all employee documents. This module allows you to access, store, and modify the retention and security policies for each employee document. Furthermore, Document Management facilitates compliance by auditing and automating the removal or deletion of documents.


  • HR Performance Analytics

HR Performance Analytics is used in the ServiceNow enterprise cloud for reporting and analyzing HR service delivery performance and quality. It offers a responsive, interactive canvas for accessing real-time trends, as well as pre-defined, best practice dashboards and KPIs for HR service delivery. Dashboards provide a graphical representation of performance trends and real-time results, allowing executives and owners of business services to make quick, informed decisions at a glance.


6 Benefits of ServiceNow HR Service Delivery 

Once an organization has installed the ServiceNow HRSD, they can reap benefits in following ways. 


  • Cost-Effective Option

Companies want better monitoring, employee insights, efficiently distributed resources, and improved employee satisfaction all contribute to lower overall service delivery costs and a more efficient HR department.


  • Key Performance Indicators

HR departments can use key performance indicators and metrics to assess how well they are meeting their goals in providing services to employees. Common examples include monitoring the case volume, average resolution time, average response time, and most viewed knowledge base articles.


  • Better Employee Insights

Employers can monitor employee interactions and behavior and derive analytics based on reporting by using an online platform for employee engagement with HR. Employee satisfaction, productivity, and other factors will be accurately captured for management. One example is the application of artificial intelligence to detect employee burnout through the analysis of employee communications.


  • Work-Life Balance

Successful service delivery can reduce HR workload, freeing up time and energy for other important tasks. A tiered model allows employees to self-service less critical issues, freeing up specialized HR personnel to work on other tasks.


  • Improved Employee Experience

Millennials and Generation Z have high expectations for consumer-grade technology experiences, which can be provided by tiered HR service delivery platforms. This can improve employee experience at multiple stages of the employee lifecycle, including retention and recruitment.


  • User-Friendly Dashboard

The user experience of an HR Service Delivery platform should be personalized and simple to use whether its about interacting with an automated feature or an actual representative. Sometimes employee concerns necessitate the assistance of a live person, and some employees would prefer it. Giving them this option ensures that they have input into the process, are included, and have a better overall employee service experience.



ServiceNow platform gives employees the ability to search for information, submit common queries, and ask frequently asked questions to the chatbot via ServiceNow HRSD’s self-service web portal. Users will evaluate the findings to be highly significant in improving employee satisfaction. 



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