What is ServiceNow HR Service Delivery?

What is ServiceNow HR Service Delivery?

It’s amazing how companies want to establish a strong foothold within their management to promote healthy work-life balance among their employees. That’s where the HR personnel comes into the role play. As a standard practice, 60-70% of the time is spent on transactional tasks by HR. To improve the workflow and streamline the processes in a better way, ServiceNow offers an HR Service Delivery application. With this application, HR and top-tier management cannot only improve their employee performance but also analyze other smart features to improve overall performance.


This guide will help you understand why an organization can improve its ROI using ServiceNow HR Service Delivery.

What is ServiceNow HRSD?


Think about a module for digitizing, organizing, and streamlining a wide range of services only with a single standardized web portal – this module is ServiceNow HRSD.


ServiceNow HRSD caters to a broad range of HR capabilities and boosts productivity by providing essential services with simple HR Technology. It enhances the unified experience and also the cross-departmental service delivery encouraging self-service as much as possible.



Importance of HR Service Delivery ServiceNow

Human resources are responsible for fostering a positive business culture to boost employee work-life balance, their engagement with the team members, and increase productivity levels. Therefore it is critical to construct a positive relationship between the organization and the employee.


While HR plays a constitutional role, employees need it from cross-departments including IT or finance. However, with the hybrid and remote work trends taking place traditional HR service delivery is less viable now. With ServiceNow HRSD, employees have the desired flexibility they need with the changing trends at the workplace.


Therefore HRSD is important in several ways such as:


Easy For Employees To Get HR Services:

Remote and hybrid work is the new norm (ever since the pandemic) and maybe for the better too. It makes the traditional HR model less desirable with the fast-changing work culture these days. Using ServiceNow HR Service Delivery the required output can still be managed and streamline the processes between employees and departments.


Better Organized Employee Interactions:

Using ServiceNow HRSD is simple and easy. It’s a simple self-service, still, an HR representative’s assistance is required for some of the HR requests i.e. in case employees cannot resolve the issues using the automated features of the new model. Therefore it can be achieved with the help of an appropriate representative who can keep the status of HR requests updated accordingly.


Employee-Focused Services:

HR service delivery model philosophy is employee-focused. It is designed keeping the employee in mind leading to prominent benefits like employee time efficiency, employee happiness, and improving their engagement levels as well. It is achievable thanks to the intelligence of self-service capabilities.


Support and Manage Teams Better:

It is important to let employees get equipped with adequate technology use. It will help them get used to the HR service delivery model faster. Whether it’s related to gamification, social media, or case management tools, aid is right at the doorstep of HR service delivery.

Types of ServiceNow HRSD Roles:


The app allows limited access outside the HR organization to protect your personal and professional data, for instance, lifecycle events or performance analytics. It can be used by Hr Staff, organization employees, and temporary workers (on a contract basis). ServiceNow HRSD provides different roles for accessing the application, namely;

  • Core HR Roles
  • Client roles

Core HR Roles:


These roles are further dived into three sub-categories according to the management hierarchy.

HR Admin:


They can configure and administer the HR services and employee service center. They can perform all configuration and customization activities related to hr service delivery


HR Basic:

It is used by HR agents to perform daily activities like HR Agents to perform daily HR activities. Such as HR profile creation, desk creation, providing resolution for general queries, file creation, how to improve employee performance management requests, etc.

HR Manager:

They monitor and major the effectiveness of HR in supporting employees throughout the organization. They can access HR cases, files, and secured information (like salary). They also consult with upper management regularly on strategic planning for the organization.


Client Roles:

These are used to control what HR functionalities will be available for the employee. They are used to ground the employee full access or specific part of the HRSD application. For instance, employees that are not part of the organization will not have an HR role. Instead, their employment starts date and type, and the system automatically assigns them the client role.


  • HRSM Clients are allowed access to the platform.
  • HRSP Clients are allowed access to the employee service center. You can identify the type of employees. For instance, if the person is working as a contractor, you can assign them a particular role, whether it’s on a permanent or temporary basis accordingly.

What are HRSD Delivery Models?

Learn about the 6 HRSD Delivery models/modules that will help improve your experience.


1.    Case and Knowledge Management


Since ServiceNow HRSD was designed to provide employees self-service, the Case and Knowledge Management’s aim is to provide excellent service and functionalities.


Any piece of information and knowledge within the organization is shareable with th employees whenever required. It is easier to supply the right context to the employee including swift instructions and queries. With this module, employees will be able to access knowledge, announcements, and services.


2.    Employee Center


Through the Employee Center, employees can access information and apps.

The portal offers employees a centralized location to find information, services, and help they need, including viewing all their requests, browsing knowledge bases, chatting with agents, etc.


In addition to HR Service Delivery, the Employee Service Center is also capable of being used independently. Applications include enterprise-level research, multi-departmental services, content automation, employee forums, and more.


3.    Onboarding and Transitions


Onboarding, maternity leave, promotions, and requesting a new laptop or workspace are just some examples of how Enterprise Onboarding and Transitions can help you guide your employees smoothly. Employees no longer need to navigate multiple siloed systems to get from one place to another with ServiceNow HRSD. therefore making the onboarding and transition process a lot easier.


4.    Journey Accelerator


Using the Journey Accelerator, managers can customize employee plans based on their roles. A plan can be configured and tailored to meet the specific needs of an employee. In addition to removing stages from a plan, managers can also match an employee with a mentor.


5.    Document Management


Going paperless is made easier by document management. It is a safe, user-friendly virtual storage room where all employee documents are kept. This module is handy to access, store, and modify certain policies for all employee documents. Plus, auditing and automating the removal of documents can be easily managed using Document Management.


6.    HR Performance Analytics


The use of the Cloud is part of the massive technology revolution in an organization. HR Performance Analytics uses the ServiceNow enterprise cloud to analyze the quality and performance of the HR service delivery. It is a responsive and interactive module useful to view real-time trends, pre-defined best practice dashboards, and also KPIs.

Performance trends are displayed in graphical representations on the dashboards with real-time results. It enables executives and business owners to make quick decisions in their hour of need.


6 Benefits of ServiceNow HR Service Delivery

Once an organization has installed the ServiceNow HRSD, it can reap benefits in the following ways.


1.    Cost-effective Option


Talk about monitoring, employee insights, and equally distributed resources – all become cost-effective options using ServiceNow HR service delivery. Despite its affordability, it does not compromise employee satisfaction and promotes an efficient HR department.


2.    Key Performance Indicators


HR seeking to analyze the KPIs and other metrics can rely on the ServiceNow HRSD model. monitoring cases, resolution time, average response time, and most-viewed knowledge-based articles are just a few key examples.


3.    Better Employee Insights


ServiceNow HR delivery service is an online platform that monitors employee interactions and behavior. Other factors such as employee satisfaction and productivity can be accurately managed. For instance, artificial intelligence can detect employee burnout through employee analysis communications.


4.    Work-Life Balance


The best part of ServiceNow HRSD is the reduction of HR workload. It frees up time, leaving the person with the energy to complete other priority-based tasks. The tiered model assists employees to become self-sufficient using the platform.


5.    Improved Employee Experience


The current workforce is a combination of millennials and generation Z who have high expectations from the organization they work for. Using such technology allows them to better correlate their experience at multiple stages of the employee lifecycle such as retention and recruitment.


6.    User-Friendly Dashboard


Because the platform is easy to use, it can be personalized according to the user. After all, user experience is everything in the HR Service Delivery platform. The dashboard is highly interactive and comes with an automated feature to assist with real-time concerns even with the live person chat. Giving this option ensures having accurate input and a better overall employee service experience.



ServiceNow is a fit-for-purpose platform that gives the employee the ability to acquire more information without any delay. The self-service web portal is a dedicated product that ensures streamlining the workflows and functionalities of HR. as an end-to-end solution it will shape the employee journey.


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