IT Operations Management: What Is It And Why Does Your Business Need It?

IT Operations Management: What Is It And Why Does Your Business Need It?

IT Operations Management

The business world has become largely dependent on IT for its operations and management. With the IT landscape growing extensively, it has become crucial for businesses to have a practical Information technology approach.

IT Operations Management ensures that the organization’s environment is perfect and stable enough to provide dependable services to its clients.

What is IT Operations Management?

All the services and processes managed by an IT department, including hardware and software support, services provided to external and internal clients, and organizational processes, fall under IT Operations Management (ITOM).

ITOM functions are customized according to the resources and needs of an organization. The IT practices that manage services, deployment, and support to promote stability, maintain the quality of services, and ensure reliability. They are usually management departments within an IT team that create policies for managing and fixing services and support. These policies and procedures include Service Level Agreements (SLAs) and policies about how organizations plan to meet the needs of clients and themselves.

Functions Of IT Operations Management

ITOM is in charge of all the services and applications, as well as the infrastructure, and ensuring that everything is stable and available.

Network Infrastructure Management

ITOM comprises the equipment needed to provide external and internal communication for an organization, which involves managing an internal telephone system, controlling communication with external servers through firewalls, maintaining network security, and setting up remote access networks.

Communication During Disaster

Services and service issues generated by machines like servers, networking, and virtual machines are included in ITOM. IT operation managers are accountable for communicating information about events, executing disaster recovery plans, managing the backups of data, and administering user profiles.

Device & Server Management

While having a significant role in the day-to-day management of servers that are responsible for hosting company applications, IT operations teams control virtual machines, devices, servers, and other endpoints. Patching, upgrading, and maintaining are all examples of server-related duties. IT assets like desktops, tablets, smartphones, and laptops are also the responsibility of ITOM teams.

What is ServiceNow IT Operations Management?

ServiceNow ITOM is a combination of programs working in conjunction to automate an organization’s operations management.

It’s an all-inclusive solution for contemporary technology challenges that are faced by businesses. It addresses all IT problems, including quickly resolving service disruptions, integrating disparate IT processes, and simplifying cloud complexities by increasing stakeholder visibility and control over an organization’s data, investments, projects, and workforce.

How Does ITOM Differ From ITSM?

While ITOM and IT Service Management (ITSM) are both part of the strategic processes of an organization, they are distinguished from each other as both are different concepts.

ITSM focuses on delivering services from the IT teams to its clients and users. In contrast, ITOM is confined to the internal activities and daily tasks that are done to manage an organization.

ServiceNow ITOM gives excellent ITOM capabilities to its users that build effectively on the already existing ServiceNow ITSM.

Why Your Business Needs ServiceNow ITOM?

By integrating your IT services into a single platform, improving IT speed and activity, and increasing visibility, ITOM effectively simplifies your business’s management services and complex infrastructure if used correctly.

If you want to reduce the workload of your IT staff and streamline your IT operations, ServiceNow ITOM is a great tool for you to do so while increasing the efficiency of your IT operations.

By using ServiceNow ITOM, it will be convenient for you to find the problem source and identify why the issue exactly occurred, and then you can rely on the Operational Intelligence to make a prompt and informed decision aided by data. It not only helps to reverse the update failure but also ensures to prevent it in the first place.

Security is one of the major concerns of all organizations. With ServiceNow ITOM, you don’t have to worry about it. You can just sit back, relax and use the data protection tools to help lower your business’s security risks.

ServiceNow ITOM is a premium service for all your business needs. It effectively reduces the number of outages, fixes issues swiftly, and provides an unforgettable experience to your IT staff and users.

Benefits Of IT Operations Management

ITOM is a complete solution providing an array of benefits for businesses. You can enhance visibility, predict issues, manage your service health, increase agility and transform your IT operations with the effective implementation of ITOM.

Centralized Platform

All aspects of IT operations, including incident management, problem management, change management, and more, can be managed from a single platform with ServiceNow. Because all of the necessary information and tools are in one place, this can make it simpler for businesses to manage their IT operations.

Reduce End-User Impact

With ITOM, it becomes possible for businesses to prevent specific issues from happening; in this way, the impact on end users can be cut down prior to the user experiencing any problem.

By correlating incidents and changes, ITOM enables you to identify root causes with greater speed and precision. You can use insights to work together with teams and initiate actions that are based on guided recommendations to get rid of disruptions, improve service and empower your team members simultaneously.

Predict Issues

ITOM systems aid in data collection and analysis across the IT estate. The cloud, logs, IT infrastructure, events, metrics, and container-based resources are all sources of the collected data. AIOps and machine learning work together to reduce noise, find abnormalities, and save time by not spending it on false positives.

Deliver DevOps

ITOM works in collaboration with centralized and decentralized teams and provides more visibility into microservices, promoting better perceptibility and prompt response.


Because it is a cloud-based platform, ServiceNow ITOM can be scaled up or down to meet an organization’s changing requirements. For businesses that see fluctuations in demand for their IT services, this can be worthwhile.

Customize Your Operations

ServiceNow can be customized to meet an organization’s specific requirements. This includes the capacity to develop custom fields, forms, workflows, as well as business logic. This can assist organizations with bettering adjust their IT tasks and processes to their business demands.

Integrate Conveniently

ServiceNow ITOM is capable of integrating with a variety of other systems and tools, including asset management systems and monitoring tools. With this, businesses may be able to gain a more comprehensive understanding of their IT operations and make better decisions.

Automate Workflow

ITOM allows businesses to automate the workflow across teams to stamp out needles, manual processes, and communication; it will empower your staff with dynamic and functional insights that can be effortlessly shared among teams. The repetitive tasks are simplified, saving more time and effort so teams can focus more on delivering instead of accomplishing typical tasks.

One-Stop Shop for All Your Business Needs

Provide your staff and users with an unforgettable and convenient user experience with ServiceNow ITSM and ServiceNow ITOM. Turn your dynamic functions into reality by predicting issues before they even occur or affect the end user, preventing any service bugs, automating workflows, and restyling the way your IT teams collaborate. ITOM is the perfect way to deliver more to users than they can ever expect. With ServiceNow ITOM, expect your digital services to be running 24/7 without any hassle.


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