What is ServiceNow?

Find out how ServiceNow products can provide a service model that can assist users in identifying the root cause of difficulties they encounter as well as resolving issues via self-service.

What is ServiceNow?

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Take charge of your IT services with ServiceNOW ITOM

Detect, investigate, and resolve issues before users are even aware. Visibility and control of the performance of your infrastructure and applications enable you to take meaningful action to optimise your IT systems and work intelligently.



Gain operational efficiency in your business

The ServiceNow Configurations Management Database (CMDB) provides a single system of record for all IT assets. Think of it as a “single version of the truth”, a foundation for understanding and delivering services across cloud, hybrid IT, and the enterprise.

When multiple systems are managed by disparate teams, each with its own version of what constitutes good service, decisions are bound to be made in isolation and conflicts are inevitable. ITOM helps seamlessly bring these together on one platform, keeping disruption and rework to a minimum.

Break down your costs and your suppliers to see the cost of running each service, the end-to-end infrastructure costs and where possible, improvement opportunities. Get a clear view of what you’re spending and make sure you’re getting the best deal from your suppliers. Automate the discovery and mapping of your IT infrastructure to identify dependencies, create a single source of truth, and reduce costly outages.

Service Visibility

Service Mapping provides a deep understanding of how your services interact with each other and with other enterprise services, providing a huge leap forward in common goals across all areas of your enterprise. By making the entire enterprise operational ecosystem intuitively visible and seamlessly actionable through the power of one tool, you’re ready to take your business where it needs to grow

Service Availability

Reduce the time it takes to diagnose service issues and find the root cause by focusing on known interactions between services. Increase overall system availability with a common understanding of services and information on each service’s dependencies.

Hybrid Cloud Management

The ITOM solution’s advanced capability monitors infrastructures that are seamlessly integrated, as well as hybrid clouds. Visualize, map manage, and optimize the complexities of your environment.

Comprehensive Solutions

Easily deployable with pretrained requirements and workflows, ITOM provides visibility across the enterprise with best-in-class service mapping and discovery capabilities.


The Radical Transition

Build a service-centric view of the world with our solutions for monitoring, analytics, automation and data visualization.

ServiceNow ITOM uses advanced machine learning and automation to predict and prevent issues before they affect your services. By bringing together service mapping functions with configuration, incident, and event management, ServiceNow has created a single tool that delivers business value as soon as it’s installed — without impacting staff or slowing down your business.

Maximise value

Why choose Moch.IT ?

At Moch.IT, we have a highly experienced team of consultants that have vast experience across the ITSM spectrum and working with industry leading tools. Our clients reference us as transformational partners rather than a consultancy because we are defined by the way we impact our clients’ businesses – and they are more than willing to share their experiences.

ServiceNow ITOM Modules


It helps in the provision of a single system of records for a business’s entire IT infrastructure. Other discoveries include on-premises and private/public clouds.

Managing Events

With the help of predictive machine learning and custom integration tools, Moch.IT can assist in accomplishing uninterrupted serviceability.

Managing Configurations

Moch.IT’s outlook on process definition is a promising way to enable a business’s ServiceNow CBMD to become a single source of truth for all the infrastructure relating to IT.

Mapping Services

Providing business service intelligence by configuring a business’s services dashboard is done by Moch.IT which then helps in making sense of the prevailing infrastructure mapped with the services, along with other applications.


To uplift productivity, ServiceNow orchestration enables developing workflows to automate manual tasks across the IT infrastructure.

Cloud Management

ServiceNow Cloud Management helps reach the cloud faster by extending Moch.IT’s service management approach to a business’s cloud operating model to provide services faster, without the risk of runaway costs, user complexity, or other potential dangers.

Operational Intelligence

This is an additional application of ServiceNow event management which allows IT to safely analyze its infrastructure to catch problems and avert service outages.

Maximise value

ServiceNow ITOM Operations

In today’s day and age, two main issues are faced by IT; however, ServiceNow has been a great tool in solving these two issues. The two issues that come up are:

1. Legacy Tools
2. Approaches that do not work anymore to effectively understand the particular components of each service of the IT infrastructure, and are also unable to map costs to provide services by the department in real-time.

To help resolve these issues, Moch.IT provides intelligent support on ServiceNow which ultimately maps each service to its fundamental infrastructure. This infrastructure that acts as the core is exhibited in an intuitive dashboard that gives IT the green signal to drill down into a detailed and thorough map of the systems, as well as the health behind any of these services.

ServiceNow ITOM Pricing

Businesses that are characterized by their diverse and varying sets of IT infrastructure challenges are persistently trying to achieve promising returns on investment when they implement ServiceNow ITOM. Explicit pricing of ServiceNow ITOM is not known; however, the basis on which pricing of ServiceNow ITOM is set can help determine costs; which are typically based on industry, region, company, size (users), revenue, types of products packaging and licensing.
Description Salary
Starting Price for a standard ITSM package for 200 employees’ company
Starting Price for a professional ITSM package for 15000+ employees’ company

ServiceNow ITOM Benefits

The benefits of ServiceNow ITOM are vast and can be effectively attained by putting an end to manual processes, infuriating downtimes, and elevated IT operations costs – these benefits are generally maximized with the company’s decision to choose the right consultation to rightfully implement ServiceNow to enjoy ITOM benefits.

Reduction of IT Costs

Owing to the optimal IT team’s effort and distribution, and efficient cloud resource consumption, there are increased reductions in IT Costs.

Increment of IT Unit Productivity

This occurs due to the quicker task execution and minimization of manual activities that are prone to errors.

Fast and Safe Deployment of New Customers’ Infrastructures

This is especially true for IT companies as they can attain this through automated infrastructure scanning and CMDB population.

Availability Improvement of IT Services

An organization is able to achieve this through continuing service health monitoring with advanced impact analysis of failure.

ServiceNow ITOM Opportunities

There are certain opportunities that effective use of ServiceNow ITOM provides to businesses if properly attained

  • – Generate visibility into the IT infrastructure
    Supervise the health status of the infrastructure
  • – Schedule discovery of IT resources
  • – Streamline management of cloud resources

Frequently Asked Questions

What is ServiceNow ITOM?
ServiceNow ITOM enhances IT operations with reoccurring service health monitoring and extensive failure impact analysis. Furthermore, among other things, it also uses timely outage prevention to boost operations. Moch.IT has been providing ITOM ServiceNow implementation to help companies achieve efficiency and effectiveness in their operations.
What does ITOM stand for?
IT Operations Management
What is ITSM and ITOM in ServiceNow?
ServiceNow ITSM is an organization of workflows and tools to optimally develop, deliver, and manage IT services. It helps handle incidents, service requests, problems, and changes, which are normally linked through ServiceNow.
Whereas, ITOM, as facilitated by ServiceNow, gives organizations the visibility needed to manage infrastructure and apps, cloud delivery and spending, and service health.
What is the difference between ITSM and ITOM?
ITSM includes activities that businesses do to manage IT services, and strategically plan, and operate services and service desks with continual service enhancement and design building.

Meanwhile, ITOM does come under ITSM but is more focused on the daily tasks for the operation of a business’s infrastructure components and applications.
Why choose Moch.IT?

At MochIT, we have a highly experienced team of consultants that have vast experience across the ITSM spectrum and work with industry-leading tools. Our clients reference us as transformational partners rather than a consultancy because we are defined by the way we impact our clients’ businesses – and they are more than willing to share their experiences.

What are the benefits of Service Mapping & Discovery?

Faster time to resolution is a key benefit of Service Mapping and Discovery. By automating discovery, mapping and interdependence analysis, IT can reduce the time spent documenting and maintaining an inventory of services and the relationships between the underlying IT infrastructure by up to 25%.

What is CMDB?

The CMDB is a central source of truth for everything your IT organization does. It stores information about every part of your engine – applications, data, hardware, networks, licenses, and more. In the context of service management, the CMDB is the repository that provides information on all the components used in your IT services and how they depend on or interact with each other.

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