Transitioning From BMC Remedy To ServiceNow: When To Migrate and The Benefits

Transitioning From BMC Remedy To ServiceNow: When To Migrate and The Benefits


Can you imagine a business migrating from its ITSM tool to another one? Yes! It’s not so surprising especially if the ITSM tool being used is too complex and costly at times – hence a daunting task. BMC Remedy has been a choice for several businesses over the years. However, only recently, ServiceNow is fastly becoming a popular choice. But what drives this decision?


Here’s the thing – ITSM system migration can be fine if your requirements are met and, of course, the budget too. However, if the legacy ITSM becomes too difficult to operate, failing to meet the expected outcomes, companies should not resist to transitioning the latest tool.


Therefore keeping this perspective in mind, this blog will act as your guide to help you understand the need to migrate to Service Now and its benefits.


But first, let’s ask the big question.


What is meant by legacy ITSM?

These are the systems that fail for their incompetence to meet the demands of evolving IT and business needs. There’s a short checklist to use as a parameter before making a switch to the latest ITSM.


  • Performance is poor and the system is slow.
  • The vendor no longer supports the system.
  • The system is device-dependent and requires enhanced mobile capabilities.
  • Your system does not work with other modern software systems.
  • Adding new functions to your system is difficult or impossible.
  • Your system is vulnerable to security threats.
  • Your operating, support, and maintenance costs are rising.


So if any of these problems arise, you are most likely using a legacy system that will fail you in the long run due to its inability to communicate with the demanding needs of businesses and IT environments. This provides a compelling reason to upgrade from an older ITSM system to a next-generation ITSM that handles the majority of your operations more efficiently.


Why ServiceNow is Better than BMC Remedy?

Although both are top-tier names in the managed IT services domain, we have compiled the major differences between the two.


ServiceNow has evolved from an IT ticketing system to a full-fledged platform capable of performing ITOM, and ITSM, and has expanded into other business domains such as HR, Customer Support, Legal, and many more. As one of the first businesses to offer an “all-cloud” solution, ServiceNow gained popularity among early enterprise cloud adopters and became the fastest-growing company in the world.


Similarly, BMC Remedy provides similar services, however, its ITSM components are available on-premises as well as on the cloud.


Now, let’s take a look at the core differences that will benefit your organization when transitioning to ServiceNow.


1.   Capabilities

As a cloud-based platform, ServiceNow’s platform is entirely owned and operated by the company.

It is possible to have a single system of record when integrating any new application or tool. While comprehensive, BMC Remedy is somewhat limited in terms of delivery options.


Customers can host on-premise applications through partners such as Remedy OnDemand, but because they are not a “cloud-first” platform, you may still need additional services, hardware, and software resources to adopt and maintain.

2.   Model

BMC Remedy uses a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) delivery model to deliver services through third-party cloud vendors. ServiceNow primarily operates on a Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) model, providing a framework on which to build or customize applications directly from the cloud.

3.   Integrations with Third Parties

Third-party integrations are not officially permitted or listed in the BMC Remedy portfolio. Many vendors, such as VMware and Cisco, have created integrations for it, which are sold separately. ServiceNow’s platform was designed specifically for simple integrations, and the company actively encourages them within its communities.


4.   Configuration and Usability

With simple configuration tools available on-demand, ServiceNow provides its customers with the flexibility to tailor the platform to their specific requirements. You can implement the changes right away.


Most on-demand configuration requests in BMC Remedy require prior approval from the BMC Change Advisory Board.

5.   Upgrades and User Experience

With ServiceNow, you can set up and run your automation platform with little to no configuration, which is a key component of its business model. The platform is extremely user-friendly, but there is a learning curve for those who are unfamiliar with DevOps. ServiceNow, which is built as a single cloud platform, also offers simple and automated upgrades.


BMC also provides all the necessary release updates, which are available on its website, but users are responsible for locating and upgrading their software. Users are also interested in additional costs because the newer versions require integrations and customizations with other systems.

6.   Community Help

ServiceNow maintains and encourages a growing community of users and developers by providing various support resources in their own community portal, ServiceNow Community, as well as all product-related information on the ServiceNow product documentation site.


BMC Community is an online support community that provides various resources and support for all of its offerings.


What to Expect When Migrating to ServiceNow

To reap the full benefits of ServiceNow ITSM, the proper processes must be in place.


Before you begin the transition to a new system, ensure that the new software has internal support. You must sell the idea of using your new ITSM for service delivery, as well as change and project management, to all levels of the organization, not just IT and the executive level.


With a solid strategic plan, extensive education, and a focus on the platform’s high level of usability, you should be able to get everyone on board. It is critical that every stakeholder within your organization understands how usable this new ITSM software will be across the board, not just within the IT department.


Some of the major attributes that you can benefit from using ServiceNow are as follows.


  • ServiceNow has built-in ITIL standards, so there is no need to recreate them, allowing businesses to accelerate best practices while monitoring operations less.
  • ServiceNow’s software-as-a-service (SaaS) solution model allows businesses to significantly reduce operational costs.
  • Performance tracking enables your IT teams to identify areas for improvement and streamline various processes.
  • Several processes in incident management, change management, enterprise services, and other areas can be automated and supported.
  • Improved visibility into service performance and availability allows for easier identification of root causes and more consistent automation of fixes.
  • Using a single system, ServiceNow ITSM can provide clear visibility into your business processes and IT environment.
  • On the powerful Now Platform, it consolidates the necessary tools and systems, while machine learning automates processes.
  • ServiceNow ITSM defines the structure and automates the workflow by combining the processes of all enterprise departments, including IT, human resources, field service, and others.



ServiceNow is  Next-Gen ITSM

Migration is a complex project that can take months and can cost you and your IT team a lot of money if not done correctly.


Today’s enterprises need a robust ITSM system to support various business processes and ServiceNow is one of the leading platforms that is becoming popular as a next-generation ITSM suite. ServiceNow keeps operations simple, consistent, and repeatable since the platform is used for configuration rather than for customization and coding. It provides clear visibility when it comes to complex business systems spread over multiple locations.


Different teams in large enterprises frequently use different platforms, and both ServiceNow and Remedy are commonly used. Also, if you use one of these tools but your customer uses the other, you should think about connecting them. Each team is accustomed to its software, and switching from ServiceNow to BMC is often too costly and time-consuming.


In such cases, integrating Remedy with ServiceNow is an excellent solution. An integration platform enables the seamless exchange of data between these platforms. All data will be automatically synced, and no one will need to manually transfer incidents or change requests from one system to the other.


DO NOT hesitate to reach out to our representatives to gather more information about ServiceNow.


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