Cybersecurity: ServiceNow Security Operations (SecOps)

Cybersecurity: ServiceNow Security Operations (SecOps)

ServiceNow Security

Technology is all wonders and magic until a business faces security issues. Staff safety, asset safety, and data protection are just at the top of the list for any business, especially in the finance industry. With security concerns arise the need to use an efficient workplace security system. While physical security is undeniably the most critical aspect, one cannot deny the danger of cybersecurity. It is a serious threat and one of the most critical aspects that need to be threaded seriously. 


Some companies prefer to outsource ServiceNow Security operations, while some hire locally. Either way, the available resources should make the business safe and sound. However, not all cybersecurity measures function equally.


In this blog, we have discussed the importance of ServiceNow Securitys operations in a workplace, be it physical or remote, and the main components that make up the most efficient tool. 


What is meant by Cybersecurity?


It is a type of information security that prevents unauthorized access to your computer networks, programs, and data. It includes protection for the company and personal data. However, it is easy to mix cybersecurity with data protection (both are different). 


Cybersecurity is an essential component of every business. The digital world requires businesses to increase connectivity and import data on the cloud – however, it has its risks. Therefore cybersecurity enables a company to be more agile. 


What is Meant by Security Operations?

SecOps, or ServiceNow Security Operations, helps IT Security and IT Operations teams collaborate in order to keep systems and data safe while reducing hazards to a business. These two teams all too frequently work in isolation, leading to ineffective procedures, difficulties, and significant security gaps that allow hackers to access your company’s networks. SecOps aims to fix these problems and maintain communication between these departments.


With adequate security operations in place, a business can reduce insurance, liabilities, and other expenses. 


The Role of ServiceNow SecOps 

What good is a guard at the door when a threat is online? A modern burglary could happen anytime, anywhere, which is why ServiceNow Security or SecOps came up with the smart solution to merge security and operations too: 

  • Threat Intelligence Platform 
  • Endpoint Detection and Response 
  • Security Information Management 

Whether it’s a bookkeeper or a tax consultant, they can integrate the data sources with ServiceNow Security or SecOps to eliminate the data vulnerability of their clients. With this tool, anyone has a chance to handle serious security incidents. 


6 Benefits of Using ServiceNow SecOps 


Let’s say your inbox pings, and it’s an email with a subject line around the words “Your bank account has been compromised” triggering the fear factor. 


With a convincing tone, you will want to resolve the problem immediately. You may fall prey to providing personal information like date of birth, phone number, credit card number, and so on. And the next thing you know, a handsome amount is deducted from your account. 


Whoops, you’ve been phished! 


Cybercrime is clever and requires little convincing if the cybercriminal has some of your personal information already. With ServiceNow Security or SecOps, you can avoid this case scenario by offering a modern and innovative solution to automate your security and IT operations for sensitive business information. 


Some of the most prominent benefits of ServiceNow Security Operations are as follows. 


  • Better Security and IT Collaboration


Did you know it takes 197 days on average for a company to recognize a cyber attack? It’s a scary thought to even consider that your sensitive financial data or clients’ information is already at a loose end when you become aware of a security breach. 


It’s easier than ever to detect and contain threats with ServiceNow SecOps. Using this platform, both security and IT Operations can operate to maximum efficiency. Data is visible to both parties. However, access can be limited for a user. This increases the security posture, making any potential cyber threat easier to identify. 


  • Centralized Control 

Accelerated artificial intelligence AI) is undoubtedly a reason for the company’s growth, but it also has increased cyber risks. Having centralized control over data protection is another primary benefit of SecOps. The threat of algorithm manipulation is minimized. An end-to-end cybersecurity with a centralized view comes with real-time dashboard visibility. 


All activities being conducted are displayed on the dashboard and visible to the account users making all actions transparent. Plus, a unified reporting dashboard is helpful to give a centralized view.


  • Time and Task Efficiency 

One of the main benefits of using ServiceNow Security is the leverage it offers to reduce stagnant work. One can easily automate their daily tasks and prioritize them accordingly. Also, a direct response is more accessible to any vulnerability with automation, and workflow is easier to deal with. 


So it helps improve locating any weak links in the work processes. With the goal of promoting team efficiency, you can customize the dashboard and reports – that best meets the needs of an organization.


  • Efficient Security Incident Response 

With ServiceNow Security or SecOps, a company can identify, contain, and prevent any future cyberattacks. This is helpful, especially for banks. Everyday online banking has a higher risk of cyberattack and email phishing. 


Data is leveraged from existing SIEM, allowing ServiceNow Security to prioritize security incidents. It will enable companies to customize their security workflow following the most effective and responsive practice. 


An active security incident response makes the banking and finance sector more resilient to minimize cyber security threats.


  • Threat Intelligence 

How does a financial organization become aware of a security threat? Is it even possible to predict loopholes in your security systems? Or when a cyber attack is most expected? 


Cyber threat intelligence is how a security team can collect evidence of cyber threats and the factors that can lead towards threats. Using ServiceNow SecOps allows organizations to collect the sources such as open-source intelligence, human intelligence, social media intelligence and technical intelligence to locate any indicators of compromise (IoC) to the organization. 


It is all possible using the STIX data. With this information, security professionals can isolate the real threats and address them accordingly. 


  • Measure Performance Analytics 

Having a detailed insight into the organization’s success and shortcomings is valuable information. The business data is usable for performance analytics. It helps to measure a company’s KPIs (key performance indicators) that track the progress and result of a job. 


With the collected data, companies can make better and informed decisions to achieve their key goals. ServiceNow SecOps is designed to analyze security operations, its performance and efficiency. The collected data and ongoing trends are two contributing elements having a direct impact on the interactive dashboard. 


With the Performance Analytics, it is easier to identify areas for improvements and reduce risk in the foreseeing future. 


In the End 

It is best to implement cybersecurity basics to protect a company’s files and devices. It includes updating the software for apps, web browsers and other operating systems. ServiceNow SecOps secures your files by encrypting the data to keep it safe from prying eyes. 


As a security consulting firm, we empathize towards companies wanting to secure their assets. ServiceNow SecOps is not only a cost-effective option but also an intelligent tool that offers you to streamline your work progress, all while securing your company against data threats. 


For any more details, you are welcome to contact us via email. Do not forget to subscribe to our informational newsletter. 



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